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  1. I am still amazed they are releasing the NA demo. Management at the time were not overly impressed that we leaked it... perhaps we're only getting it on the release now as a result of that effort back then since it's already out there - we had it somewhat rejuvenated in a studio but it ultimately came from an old cassette tape so was never gonna sound great.
  2. Well hello there

  3. I'm bored. Come on skype :p

  4. That's a lot more practical than the reverse centaur.

  5. Reverse Medusa: A snake with humans for hair.

  6. Well thank goodness this is a thing I am not aware of!

  7. wth is betch

  8. slutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslut

  9. skankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskank

  10. Wankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwank

  11. I am taking your visitor message virginity. Hope you enjoyed that :p

  12. I can't confirm in the same way management could but I'm almost certain it is!

  13. Niall

    I'd likely enjoy that.

  14. There's no button for that! Is that was triggered your message in the thread on the mod forum about it? :LOL:


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