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  1. I am still amazed they are releasing the NA demo. Management at the time were not overly impressed that we leaked it... perhaps we're only getting it on the release now as a result of that effort back then since it's already out there - we had it somewhat rejuvenated in a studio but it ultimately came from an old cassette tape so was never gonna sound great.
  2. They're definitely sincerely working on it - management got in contact with me some time back to ask if I could help them track down old promo material and set lists for their SW England pre-Showbiz gigs. I had nothing to offer sadly, but there's a lot of thought going in to the packaging and accompanying material for this release.
  3. We can probably expect more Showbiz, or at least some classic favourites towards the end of the next tour too of course - hopefully they'll be promoting their origin of muse compilation by then.
  4. i had zero expectations after dig down but i love it now and it's like the third worse song on the album imo. most consistently good album they've done since... ever? the resistance is still my favourite but this is solidly up there with oos. it draws together elements of literally every other album somehow in the qualities and themes of the songs without ever sounding dated. ugh 💕
  5. I'm really confused as to why this song was billed as Citizen Erased 2. It's so much more like a sequel or sidequal to United States of Eurasia in my mind. It's alright. It's not quite as big and impress as I would have expected from a sing of its length.
  6. I still love this song. But I also love Big Freeze and Undisclosed Desires. 🙌 I particularly love the bits others seem to hate about it. The Depeche Mode, the "DEAD INSIDE!", the million drones. It's all good!
  7. Well done ticket people! I'm off to catch my train.
  8. Those weren't released songs. Jimmy Kane could actually happen...
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