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  1. I was also at that Springsteen gig last night, he's one of a kind in that sense unfortunately, the setlist varies hugely from night to night, he takes sign requests throughout the show for any song in his back catalogue and he's the best live performer I've ever seen, and I paid only 40 Euros for it Muse are an entirely different animal unfortunately, the majority of the time they try and make everything too perfect when they should just let loose, they're so so much better when it's just them with their instruments than with all of the various stage designs imo
  2. Glasto prediction: 1. Psycho 2. Reapers 3. Plug In Baby 4. Dead Inside 5. New Born/Stockholm Syndrome 6. The Handler 7. Supermassive Black Hole 8. Prelude + Starlight 9. Citizen Erased 10. Feeling Good 11. Madness 12. Hysteria 13. Map of the Problematique/Bliss 14. Time Is Running Out 15. Uprising 16. Take A Bow 17. Mercy 18. Knights of Cydonia
  3. Went to the three gigs at The O2 so far this week, got to say they've been far better than I expected them to be! Then again I hadn't seen them for 3 years so it was also good to hear the new songs, anyway my thoughts! Stage is pretty cool, though the crowd feels a bit more disjointed, but excellent for viewing spots Phantogram were a bit of a snorefest Dead Inside is good live, Madness looks like the pointless little brother when played later in the same set Matt really cba with guitar much anymore (Starlight, Uprising) JFK into Interlude may be the most pointless thing ever but into Assassin The Globalist isn't really for me, too long, though the riffage is good Undisclosed Desires and Resistance...zzzzz Mercy was far better live than I thought it would be Knights felt a bit flat compared to previous times seeing them Loved seeing them again though and a fair few setlist changes each night kept me interested enough! Highlight had to be Assassin just suddenly beginning out of nowhere
  4. Going back to this album so thought I'd re-rate: 1. Dead Inside - 7/10 2. Psycho - 7.5/10 3. Mercy - 5/10 4. Reapers - 8/10 5. The Handler - 8/10 6. Defector - 7/10 8. Revolt - 4/10 9 Aftermath - 6/10 10. The Globalist - 6/10 11. Drones - 0/10
  5. 1. Take a Bow 2. Map of the Problematique 3. Bliss 4. Hysteria 5. The Handler 6. Hyper Music 7. Citizen Erased 8. Space Dementia 9. Apocalypse Please 10. Hoodoo 11. Ruled by Secrecy 12. Butterflies & Hurricanes 13. Defector 14. Assassin 15. The Groove 16. Plug in Baby 17. Micro Cuts 18. Stockholm Syndrome -------------------------------------------------- 19. New Born 20. Dead Star 21. Reapers ------------------------------------------------- 22. Muscle Museum 23. Knights of Cydonia
  6. Who got in on this extra date then? Nabbed a standing ticket
  7. Revolt is bland as fuck but still will never be as offensive to my ears as Guiding Light or Overdue
  8. New Born Bliss Space Dementia Stockholm Syndrome The Handler Citzen Erased Assassin Butterflies & Hurricanes The Globalist Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia Ruled by Secrecy
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