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  1. Happy New Year! :party:

  2. full gig in a cinema would be too much Blu-ray should've contained the full thing though
  3. If I was the one to choose I'd cut all of the middle part - Dracula Mountain, Explorers, Interlude, Hysteria + Unintended and GL and leave all the rest in place
  4. I think I would have been able to live with the fact they cut some decent songs only if they cut Explorers as well.
  5. 0:46 Lightbulb with the acrobat Acrobat popped out only during Blackout iirc EDIT: nevermind, I'm wrong cutting out Blackout would be insanely stupid anyway
  6. well trailer certainly has parts from Blackout I hope that GL and Explorers are the ones that are cut that Spanish poster had December 2 as Blu-Ray/DVD and CD release date
  7. crap Coldplay Live 2012, Robbie Williams' live broadcst from Tallinn and Metallica's recent live film were all shown in Moscow and still no info about Muse
  8. Uns->CE must have been a pretty cool transition now if they finally come to Russia I have a lot of songs to dream of/beg to play if I meet them before the gig
  9. I heard that Elbow, Fleetwood Mac and Depeche Mode are pretty much confirmed
  10. wow didn't see Unnatural Selection coming NSC looks like a rather logical comeback though, given that it's in the US btw I remember people saying that UD will never get dropped and it's 2 nights in a row already this leg's setlist is already more varied than I expected
  11. btw what songs from Zepp do we have in multicam? I've only seen Futurism and Panic Station I wanna make one for Fury, but don't want to repeat if it's already done
  12. Butrus


    I think Absolution could be made into a better musical than Resistance. Create an original story about a man remembering his life on his deathbed with each song reflecting a certain memory. I think it would work better than copying 1984. But tbh I don't really see Muse songs made into a musical, it would look strange.
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