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    Does it matter?
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    The unease of surrounded seclusion
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    Lurking on internet forums
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    Wishing I had a job
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    Radiohead, Blur, Biffy Clyro, Arcane Roots, ASIWYFA, Deftones, Frank Turner, Oceansize, Amplifier
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    Not Twilight.
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    Anything that's not shit.
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    See above.
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    Absolution CD
    Origin of Symmetry CD
    The 2nd Law CD
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    1/06/2013 - Etihad Stadium
    22/03/2015 - Manchester Academy
    23/03/2015 - Brighton Dome
    13/06/2015 - Download Festival

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  1. dammit you made me think I had a message about my ticket. hate u

  2. Damnit :chuckle: Good choruses too.

  3. I literally just listened to it yesterday :LOL: I thought it was pretty decent. I've seen them live a couple of times too. They have some good riffs from what I can tell.

  4. Have you heard anything by Hawk Eyes? Came across their new album recently, struck me as something you might like.

  5. Yeah, you too! Such a fun night :)

  6. Hi It was nice to meet you the other day :happy:

  7. game iwin good, game teen teen 3D game ionline , game game iwin hot game bigone HOT

  8. Cheers, and good to hear that mate :) I'm spending my holiday looking for work (I need to look at graduate schemes now) for the most part. Hopefully that'll give me the funds to do fun stuff.

  9. Congrats on graduating dude. I just found out I passed my first year, which is a relief to say the least. How are you spending your holidays?

  10. Nope, haven't heard them either. I'll check them in the next couple of days.

  11. Hmm, I don't really know what the best starting point would be since their discography is so consistent. Everyone Into Position is probably their most accessible album but I'd also say Effloresce could be a good one to start with. By the way, have you listened to ASIWYFA? They're another band I'd strongly recommend.

  12. I've been meaning to for a while. Where's the best place to start with them?

  13. You should definitely check out Oceansize if you get the chance! I just discovered them and they've quickly become one of my favourite bands.

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