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Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 Tekken Video Now On iTunes


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It may be just me, but what's the point of buying a video on iTunes when it's on youtube?


Yes, it's been around for a while, I don't think I would buy it, unless it was going to be withdrawn from You Tube.


Saying that it still has the same emotional power watching it again. Makes me weep, but then Redemption always did have that feel. A connection to personal feelings of loss. Of missed opportunity for happiness and fulfilment whether it's personal or global, in this case down to the failings of the individual but also failings in society. He behaves badly but is also treated badly.


It's also has connections to current 2nd Law themes, of fighting to win, when time is against you. So much emphasis on winning, that he forgets what is important until it is too late.


I wonder if everyone connects to that feeling of loss or potential loss. I think it's important. It's something that isn't focused on much.

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