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  1. It used to be The Handler, because it sounds the most musey to me - minor-based, and I imagined Micro Cuts spawning from it. I initially didn't like Reapers. I thought the chorus was funny and ruined the build-up it got. However, now I love it, I love the fast pace, production. The drums are so cool. I didn't listen for them in the beginning, but they are cool as shit. I often put this on when I'm about to get to work, when I need to get pumped up for some reason. I also imagine mastering this on Guitar Hero with a friend who plays the bass track. Right now it's my favourite Muse song across the board.
  2. A Eurovision song can only be 3 minutes long, so ha shame on you. Do you mean the album or the song? Funny, I think that about The 2nd Law myself. Panic Station and Big Freeze being examples of songs that could have been quicker
  3. I like The Resistance. But US and MK Ultra really bore me. They sound like bog standard rock songs by numbers. The part where US cools down in the middle particularly bores me. And the chorus sounds like something I've hear elsewhere. Much agreement. Yes No
  4. Still sounds brilliant to me. Gives the song a different vibe. But it will always sound "shit" when you tweak a studio version because it wasn't recorded that way. That goes for any song. Yeah, I'll have that, I guess.
  5. Here's one for you: When they pitch down Madness and Starlight on every live version, how come they not take Micro Cuts down half a step as well? 'Cause he always struggles with the highest note of it, G5 or whatever, but can do the other ones, so bring it half a step down, brilliant. Or maybe there are other reasons for pitching down a song. Maybe it "can't be done" to Micro Cuts 'cause it ruins it or whatever. I know songs are said to sound different in different pitches, but I don't quite get that. Except that they sound dull in C major.
  6. New Born is quite bad. I tried listening to it again today, and I just couldn't listen all the way through. Overrated song. Just because it's so progressive, right. On the other hand, Bliss more than makes up for it.
  7. That is what I thought. C's and S's are hard on the poor microphones. Never ever thought about it before, had to read your post to find what was supposed to be glitchy about it. On the other hand, I can spot loads of errors in T2L.
  8. I can't quite within a quote (perhaps for the best), but that 2011 version was not good. He misses the notes entirely on the first chorus, and generally just wails through it by the skin of his teeth, cuts the notes short, and does not sing the lyrics at all, compared to Hullabaloo.
  9. What was the setlist? Would like to see how it differed from Bergen
  10. Thanks for posting them! You make me relive the awesomeness that was the concert. The audio from your device isn't half bad, either. Yeah, there wasn't that much pushing and intrusive people, but I tell you, those people almost ruin my day, even though I know it supposedly happens all the time at rock concerts. We had about 5 or 6 of them. The incredible cheek. Where did you go on tours earlier? Was it your first Muse gig in Scandinavia? I imagine we're a bit calmer than the rest, people didn't seem that wild (not enough alcohol). But people slagging of the audience just don't get it, man! I think people started singing "Black holes and revelations" after Starlight. Was that the final act? I can't remember.
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