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  1. I want to destroy all evil because our glaciers will explode and I need to love violence and Dom. I want to avenge evil Chris because our lives can't be happy and I embrace paradise we're invincible. I want to destroy those Chris because our souls will expose your lies and I consume love and Chris. I want to touch beautiful fat-cats because our wrongs won't slow down and I need to love hearts and our hearts. Best thing I've seen in a while.
  2. There was Exo 3: Redemption (minus vocals) in the BBC's coverage of qualifying (during interview with Lewis Hamilton). Also I think there was the chorus of Follow Me minus vocals at one point as well. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01n8jkc/Formula_1_2012_The_Japanese_Grand_Prix_Qualifying_Highlights/ Link for anyone that wants to confirm it. Redemption at 6:05, possibly Follow Me at 16:07.
  3. Follow Me. Apart from Matt's vocals it's got nothing that really identifies it as Muse. It just feels like someone's stuck his singing onto a generic-sounding pop/dubstep track.
  4. I'd probably do the following: -Remove Follow Me -Shorten Explorers and Save Me -Lengthen Liquid State -Rewrite Unsustainable to only include the first dubstep/brostep section, lengthen slightly the second string section and replace the final part with a more rocky riff -Rewrite Isolated System to include a big rock/orchestral/opera section in the middle that it builds to, the track finishes as normal -Rewrite Madness so that the very last section, before it goes back to "M-m-m-m-m", is longer Then I'd arrange the album as follows: (I haven't put a massive amount of though into this, the songs towards the middle might need switching around a bit) Prelude Survival Madness Panic Station Big Freeze Explorers Save Me Liquid State Animals Unsustainable Supremacy Isolated System
  5. At the moment it's: OoS > BH&R > Showbiz > Absolution > T2L > TR But it's possible as I listen to the album more it overtakes Absolution for 4th, I can't see it going any higher than that.
  6. Ah damn! I'd started with Assassin -> Hoodoo then changed my mind, I obviously forgot to change Assassin. Fixed.
  7. Not going to bother rating the individual tracks cause it would take too long. Showbiz: Falling Down Cave Showbiz Unintended (fairly easy to decide) Origin of Symmetry: New Born Bliss Space Dementia Hyper Music (wish I could've just picked the whole album for this one) Absolution: Apocalypse Please Time is Running Out Sing for Absolution Stockholm Syndrome (probably the most consistent part of the album) Black Holes and Revelations: Exo-Politics City of Delusion Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia (hard to pick with this one, it's a good album and this is the position where's there not really a single track letting the rest down) The Resistance: MK Ultra I Belong to You Exogenesis Part I: Overture Exogenesis Part II: Cross-Pollination (too many weak links on this album, this was the position with only one whilst keeping one of my favs) The 2nd Law: Supremacy Madness Panic Station Prelude (just a prediction I thought I'd throw in, I may be wrong but if Prelude + Survival had been included as one track I'd be much more confident)
  8. Madness Feeling Good Survival Invincible Resistance Starlight Undisclosed Desires Soaked Neutron Star Collision Guiding Light The first three have become favourites of mine (Madness is possibly the least cheesy on the list IMO). Resistance and Starlight are pretty good (Resistance in particular I think is a little underrated). But the rest I'm not a fan of.
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