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  1. Hi


    It is from a photo I took in Teignmouth when Muse performed there. :)

  2. Hey, just noticed your location and avatar - is that from (the now renamed) Relish on Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells?!?

  3. http://vestidosdefiestabaratos.webnode.es/



    Vestidos de fiesta barato siempre han sido un obligación para el closet de cualquier dama sin embargo el costo de muchos te puede ser cambiar de opinión.

    Para escoger un buen vestido tienes que considerar el tipo de cuerpo que tienes. Nunca será lo mismo seleccionar un vestido con para 1 joven pequeña o dama alta. Para una mujer con mucho pecho. Después tienes que considerar el momento y el estilo personal.

    Si posees anchas caderas y hombros más estrechos (cuerpo triangular es recomendable usar vestidos que permitan los hombros descubiertos para llamar la atención de la gente.

    Para las mujeres de contextura delgada es recomendable conseguir vestidos de fiesta baratos ceñidos al cuerpo. Puedes llevar 1 material que llame la atención, como diseños lindos.

  4. No I don't have one. I'll have to have a look at it first Jack. :)

  5. Can you vote for my submission? It would be great if you did! http://board.muse.mu/competition.php?s=&pp=25&search=Where+Stars+don%27t+Light+%26+Guide+and+Set+Lists+Shine&minscore=&maxscore=&sort=voted&order=asc

    Do you have one? I'll vote for your fantasy venue entry too! :D

  6. Aww! Well he couldn't be more sweet! That's not possible! :chuckle::happy:

  7. Thanks for the well-wishes for my son. :happy: And no need to apologize about being repetetive! I love that it shows how we're all on the same page (sometimes). Musers know Matt is "short" so one sees him looking so tall next to me and one has to point it out. :LOL: He's also very sweet and even more gorgeous in person.

  8. BTW good luck with your son.

  9. Oh sorry to be repetitive. No one would comment if Matt wasn't relatively short for a man. He might like your photo. I think it's tall women who would feel the most uncomfortable having a photo taken with him, but he's usually taller than girls he has photos with.

  10. I didn't want to keep bumping that silly thread, so I'm replying here. Matt seemed tall to me, but then most people do from my perspective. It always makes me laugh, though, that Musers always point that out when they see my picture with him. I've gotten that respose loads of times around here and Facebook. :happy:

  11. Hi Ju


    Hope you are okay and had a good Christmas though it was a while ago now. Sorry I've only just noticed that you posted me a message!

  12. Congrats on your biggest hater award!

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