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  1. Lyrics from Dig Down are quoted in Michael Connelly's new book "The Night Fire". The book came out in US on Tuesday. Nice to see.
  2. Holy Cow, you really had to look closely to see that dot is blue. But very much worthy the look. Thanks Muse!!
  3. minnie

    Dig Down

    Oh, lordy, I thought maybe I was the only one who didn't like it. Hugely disappointed!
  4. My present finally came. How many bands send their fans a gift each Christmas...as far as I know.. MUSE. Thanks!
  5. The address I have for your sister is the same that I have for you on Happy Hollow Rd. Any changes , please let me know. Thanks.

  6. I got your info. Do you want to add an email address to get ecards? Thanks, N.

  7. If your info is the same as last year, I'll put you on for this year. If it isn't please let me know. Thanks. N.

  8. You're welcome! I love getting real mail.

  9. I see the name there but is anybody else writing? I'd like to know how you became a fan.
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