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  1. Thanks for clarifying. I knew they were legit since I've used them before, but I wasn't sure if they were an official ticket site for this tour since they're not mentioned on the Muse website.
  2. A mate of mine bought his standing ticket yesterday from See Tickets. Now the link on the tour section of the Muse website takes you to Ticketmaster (where it now says standing is sold out), but there is no mention of See Tickets. I'm guessing it'll be a legit ticket too if it's through See Tickets, won't it?
  3. If they do Prince then won't they just do Sign O' The Times?
  4. That was a brilliant gig. I finally got to see Showbiz live and the metal medley was insane. Yes the flow of the medley wasn't perfect but I personally think that's nitpicking. The band is growing away from its old sound, so the best thing to do to keep people happy is to play the best parts of their heavier songs. It was really intense in the pit for that, my neck still hurts. Now it'll be interesting to see if they shake it up a little throughout the tour.
  5. Ah crap, there goes my faint hopes of a super long set filled with rarities two and a half hours is a long set for anyone though.
  6. Yungblud is supporting Muse then, according to the RAH website. Never heard of him, but listening to him now... he reminds me a bit of Twenty One Pilots. Best way to describe him is alternative pop with a bit of guitar thrown in.
  7. Yeah it went up on the site on Friday I think. Album in full doesn't seem out of the question to be fair, maybe followed by the usual live songs a la Reading/Leeds. Would prefer it if they just mix it in with their other songs instead, personally.
  8. Surely there'll be something special at the gig? 7:30pm Support 8:00pm Interval 8:30pm Muse 11:00pm Event ends I doubt they'll actually play for two and a half hours, but a set that will go at least beyond two hours hardly screams "generic setlist".
  9. I didn't consider that, but that's because I can't see it happening
  10. Anyone know if there will be a support act for this gig? Doors open fairly early if I remember correctly, so I imagine there is space for a support in there.
  11. Just heard it all the way through, and I am very impressed! From the singles I already loved Thought Contagion, Something Human and Pressure. Algorithm surely has to open their gigs now, it's incredible. Reminded me a bit of NIN at the start. Propaganda is going to take a few listens to appreciate I think... Break It To Me is another highlight - it's like sexy Korn or something. Love the guitar work. Get Up And Fight... now I'm a sucker for pop with a hook, so I actually enjoyed it! Nowhere near as bad as I expected, and the subject matter gives it a whole other dimension. Blockades is Muse by numbers. Good, but not mind blowing. The Void though, brilliant. Great closer. I love the Alternate Reality versions of all the songs too, as well as acoustic Something Human. Muse have really surprised me here. I went in with low expectations until the leak happened and the majority raved about it, and I'm glad I agree with the majority. An enjoyable record.
  12. MOTP is probably in my top 10 Muse songs so I don't mind that at all. Been hearing about some RATM influence on Break It To Me too, so I'm excited for that. Even if it's not "heavy" it sounds like it's got that funk to it.
  13. I'm waiting until tomorrow to hear the album. It's great to see so much positivity on the board though! I don't want to come across like a "old/heavy Muse is best Muse" fan, but are there any rockier or mosh pit moments on the album at all? Don't get me wrong I love a lot of Muse's pop songs, but I just feel that they're at their best when they rock out (especially live), hence why I was a fan of Drones (well, most of it). I just hope the pop/synth flavour that's been described by everyone doesn't weigh too heavily on future setlists and we don't get all the new stuff alongside Madness et al.
  14. I don't get how Muse don't understand the problem with Reapers. I remember Tom also tweeting about it, wondering why nobody moshed to it. It's in my top 10 Muse songs but live, it's not provoking much of a reaction. The way the song is structured, it hasn't got that tempo that gets people jumping up and down. It's just one of those songs you just have to watch and admire. It's only at the end when the crowd reacts and the mosh pits start. I'm sad they've stopped playing it, and it doesn't look like it'll be coming back any time soon...
  15. No matter what Gallagher thinks of Muse's music, I don't think there's any bad blood. I remember seeing a picture of Liam hanging out with Dom and the Spice Girls after the Olympics closing ceremony.
  16. I'd imagine they'll try and do the same thing they did with Glastonbury - play Reading on the Friday so they'll have headlined each of the days... if they're really that fussed about such a thing. Muse were the first act to headline each of the three days at Glastonbury so could it be the same for Reading? So it'd be: Saturday - 2006 Sunday - 2011 Friday - 2017
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