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  1. Thanks for clarifying. I knew they were legit since I've used them before, but I wasn't sure if they were an official ticket site for this tour since they're not mentioned on the Muse website.
  2. A mate of mine bought his standing ticket yesterday from See Tickets. Now the link on the tour section of the Muse website takes you to Ticketmaster (where it now says standing is sold out), but there is no mention of See Tickets. I'm guessing it'll be a legit ticket too if it's through See Tickets, won't it?
  3. I thought as much.

    No funny business ;)

  4. I can fit you in my pocket then. Matt can go in the other one, unless you'd rather be with him in there...

  5. You see correct, no wonky tooth!

    I am probably twice the size of Bellamy though. I could fit him in my pocket.

  6. I do?! Is that a good thing?

    He has this ratty thing/renegade tooth going on...

    You have an uncanny resemblance to Dom it seems ;)

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