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  1. I actually feel really hyped for this album. I think they are really enjoying their work and are creating something that represents what phase of their live they are in right now. I love the feel of the video and how disconnected and connected it is at the same time to the music. It is quite artistically made. The song is well written with a chord progression that is the opposite of todays mainstream pop. Additionally the sounds are very well mixed and put together (with organ and synths). As much I love the old OoS vibes, I think they found something that is more than just searching for a style, which felt a bit insecure and not very much thought out.
  2. Yeah, it is. Tell me about your experience:D
  3. The crowd was fantastic! I got the harmonica:D and handshaked all three:rolleyes:. it was the best concert I've ever been to:happy: But now is the time of post muse depression:(
  4. The night was really great. It was by miles better than the arena shows:). I stood exactly where the catwalk met the b-stage (at barrier) on Chris' side and had a fantastic view. They did many songs on the b-stage and they were very close to the audience. UD was great because of Matt's handshake and Bliss was just amazing. I was very happy that we got SS and Hysteria. It was surprising that Dom and Chris also walked at the barrier and did the handshake thing. I was so lucky and got to touch all three, with a really cool handshake of Matt:rolleyes: And... I got the harmonica:eek::dance: It was definitely the best night I've ever had and the security guys were very nice as well. The event was very well organised. I hope they will return to Switzerland soon, I want to see them again:musesign: At the moment I suffer from a very bad case of the disease "after muse show i need to see them again NOW";) EDIT: Has anyone got a video where you can see Chris walking out the catwalk before the harmonica was thrown? Because then he saw my sign and smiled at me.. It was a magic moment and it would be nice to see it again and remember it..
  5. Now I have recovered from the gig in Bern. It was amazing, the crowd was awesome and the band seemed to enjoy the night very much. It's very sad that Dead Star/Butterflies is gone, but the setlist is actually really cool. Even the slow songs were great. Matt did that exactly in front of me, it was quite scary because it looked like he didn't realise that 47000 people watched what he was doing
  6. But this is only a very small part of the stage, the whole b-stage and the catwalk wouldn't be covered.. Maybe they won't play the songs which are performed there anymore:eek:
  7. Hmm, yeah, it's really hard to chose.. Is it(more or less) certain that they go Matt side way? EDIT: I mean, that Matt and Dom take the way on Matts side.. That was really bad english;)
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