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  1. I guess this is a good way for fans to hear rarities even big stadium gigs, assuming this medley sticks around. Still, it's less of a medley and more like hitting the 30-second preview buttons on iTunes
  2. The latest episode in me wondering why I have Apple Music is not being sure if the super deluxe version will be streaming there. I’d be surprised if it’s just Spotify though
  3. not that it really phases muse fans, but I have a feeling this will be their most poorly received album yet. not saying that’s necessarily an indication of quality, but reception seems especially mediocre this time around
  4. Something I noticed in Coldplay's most recent album is that every song, at some point, had some kind of chanting section, as if the whole project was written with a live show in mind. I'm starting to get the same feeling with these two singles, given all the woah's in each song's choruses. Makes sense I guess, if their end game is to keep on playing stadiums/arenas.
  5. I have a college radio show on at the moment and I might try to play this track if it goes online in time. But I'm not sure if people will enjoy it anyways...I'm not even sure if people listen to radio anyways
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