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  1. Lyrics with actual substance! Oh my god! Too bad it only gets musically interesting at the 3 min mark. Solid song overall.
  2. No, I really don't feel that way. I just hate this song and came here to express my opinion because.. that's what we do here? No, actually, I always found this riff dull. I don't like Muse for the silly hard rawck aesthetic. The riff interludes get me yawning at shows. Why do people here have such a hard time understanding that people can have different opinions on music? If "Psycho" is your thing, then yeah go ahead and enjoy it. I loved the shit out of Madness when this board was mostly hating it (although The 2nd Law was underwhelming in the end). A band can have fans with different tastes, you know?
  3. I've never felt this kind of second-hand embarrassment when listening to a song. I thought this album was going to be some Forced In / Citizen Erased / Stockholm Syndrome shit. My expectations were drowned in shame by this song. Remember when Matt could poetic lyrics? With some subtlety. I don't even mind the cock-rock riff. I'm so shocked by everything else.
  4. I'm trying to come up with a reason to go see this but it's surprisingly hard. It's the same thing I saw live, only worse. If it was a special kind of gig like the Helsinki or Japan one, I'd totally go see this. But it's the usual setlist. I saw The Prodigy's World's On Fire in a movie theater and it was mindblowing but I can't expect this to be.
  5. For a minute I thought the gig was today because of this thread. You crazy fuckers. Too bad my train won't arrive in Helskini until midnight, gonna miss the gig.
  6. Pretty cool to see them again even though I don't really listen to Muse these days. It's always an entertaining show and I'm gonna love just sitting down and enjoying the big thing. And this time I'm almost 0% spoiled about it. I know what the first minute looks like and that's it. a couple years ago I swore I won't die until I've seen Dead Star, Blackour and Take A Bow live. So I might get to 2/3 this gig.
  7. So happy Guiding Light is getting played. Love the vocals. So fucking good. The best thing about HAARP was Blackout's guitar solo. And now it's a lot less impressive.
  8. Nowadays I only listen to Madness from T2L. But I have to do it every day. Abso > BHAR > T2L > TR > OOS > Showbiz now before you all jump on be because of the OOS, I listened to it too much a couple years ago. Now it's just extremely bland alternative rock to me. Soooo dull. Screenager is the only interesting song on it.
  9. Why won't they just.. surprise us really good a couple times? USOE was pretty cool but it was very common last tour, so... They should drop fucking Glorious at some gig. As a finisher.
  10. Okay I admit soulless was a bit bad choice. I just don't feel like the words have enough personality. They're average. But that's just my view on them.
  11. Final opinion coming through oh wow. 2 great tracks. Madness has gorgeous production and it's candy to my ears. Somewhat soulless lyrics but they don't really bother me. Incredible build-up. I'll "never" get bored of this song. Panic Station is stylish as fuck. Clever songwriting, the last chorus is wonderful with all the melodies layering on top of each other. A lot of disappointments. Supremacy and Follow Me have vocals so cheesy I can't listen to them any more. Follow Me is pretty bad after all - I was expecting something like Does It Offend You, Yeah? and got brostep wobbles. You can imagine my face when I first listened to it and got to the first chorus - it was my number one most anticipated track. I initially liked a lot of the songs a lot, Animals and Isolated System for example. But they wore out really, really quickly. Now I just can't find the interest to listen to them. All of the songs have their moments but most just boil down to something very average. I feel bad criticizing Chris' songs because they're so personal and a huge step for them. But they're pretty dull to my ears. So all in all it's a pretty big disappointment. But saying that makes me feel like I'm bitter or something, no, there's still plenty of music for me in the world.
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