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I like Royal Blood's music (saw them in Liverpool in 2014, great gig) would would never want to see Muse cover them. For one, I think Muse's covers (and covers in general) are much better when the band takes on a different genre to the one they usually play

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"For the next album we've got this concept, this concept where *giggles with Dom* where it's like the 1960s in Vietnam so I'm Elvis but the flow of time is convoluted so drones fade in and out, know wha' I mean?"




Thing is it's got to the point where I don't know if it's believable if this quote is real or not



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This came across my work Facebook account and I thought someone was an AM fan. Then I realized someone I work with is a Muse fan, and that actually made it worse. :LOL:


I wouldn't read in to the lack of guitar, since it seems likely it's just them fucking around and not a performance or anything.


If it IS a promo for another Europe club tour, everyone better be watching this live, or they're going to get screwed again.

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What? This is obviously way more cringe than what Turner does.



I don't see how it could be.


Why not? If they're going to announce something at this point, it would be beneficial if it was during some sort of promo to get the word out since the album cycle has totally faded.

It honestly seems like such a pointlessly stupid thing to do unless there's something to promote.


Like how they didn't do any US TV shows this cycle, like they did SNL prior and slapped an "on tour now!" message after their performance.

That was a pretty stupid move this time around.

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