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  1. Wasn't gonna bother updating, but the Black Holes section looks a lot less sadder Showbiz Showbiz Unintended Origin of Symmetry New Born Bliss (x3) Hyper Music Plug In Baby (x6) Feeling Good Citizen Erased Dead Star/In Your World Dead Star (x2) Absolution Time Is Running Out (x5) Stockholm Syndrome (x2) Interlude/Hysteria (x3) Blackout Black Holes and Revelations Take a Bow Starlight (x6) Supermassive Black Hole (x6) Knights of Cydonia (x6) The Resistance Uprising (x6) Resistance (x2) Undisclosed Desires (x2) United States of Eurasia Guiding Light The 2nd Law Supremacy Madness (x3) Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Liquid State Unsustainable (x3) Isolated System (x3) Drones Dead Inside (x2) Psycho (x5) Mercy (x3) Reapers (x3) Revolt The Globalist The Handler Simulation Theory Algorithm (x2) + AR (x1) The Dark Side (x2) Pressure (x2) Propaganda Break It To Me (x2) Thought Contagion (x2) Dig Down Gospel B-Sides/Misc Fury The Groove Metal Medley (x2 (including one with Dead Star))
  2. Inspired by Ghost's two show sets, made a 2 set setlist. To fit everything in they'd be no support. <What’s he building in there> Dead Star Assassin GOB Plug In Baby Showbiz The Gallery The Small Print Fury Easily Citizen Erased Butterflies and Hurricanes Futurism Stockholym Syndrome + 0305030 + Agitated <We Are The Universe> Uprising The Handler Pwopaganda Break it to me Liquid State Defector MK Ultra The Dark Side Animals Reapers Unnatural Selection Encore Glorious Muscle Museum Take A Bow
  3. Pale Waves added as second support for UK stadium dates.
  4. Have darted the bass line to Follow Me several times and recently the final few bars of The Void. Used to be able to do Muscle Museum, although sadly its become a bit too wet.
  5. Saw someone come out of the place opposite where I work (leaving there soon sadly) and he put on a Simulation Theory jacket. How I wish I couldve ran out and said something. Also he has amazing hair.
  6. Posted this on the gig thread but incase anyone has missed it and was as stressed as I was for parking, here's a link to the official park & ride for the gig https://www.ashtongatestadium.co.uk/concerts/concert-travel-information/
  7. Parking tickets are now on sale people, £6 for one person or £12 for 2+ https://www.ashtongatestadium.co.uk/concerts/concert-travel-information/ Was really stressed about spaces but now it's time to get properly excited for the gig!
  8. Think Iron Maiden would like a word (also my name is Ed so would get hella confused).
  9. Please can you merge my accounts? Should be the same email.
  10. I'll cross my fingers for Biffy or someone out of the blue like Rolo Tomassi and And So I Watch You From Afar
  11. Any talk on UK support acts? At this rate probably gonna be some absolute bollocks like post malone
  12. Was thinking it would be so awesome to travel back in time to see on e of the BHaR gigs.
  13. Only five gigs but here are my rankings: 1) Manchester Academy 2015 It's going to be hard for anything to beat this, to be honest every single gig I've been to in this venue has been absolutely beautiful. The setlist was close to perfect, the crowd was nuts and has just lived on in my memories as one of the best gigs I've been to. 2) Emirates Night 1 2013 I know a lot of people rate the Unsustainable tour gigs incredibly low, but being my first Muse gig this was incredibly special. Didn't know Dead Star at the time so it just flew over my head but hearing all of the staples for the first time was something I wish I could happen again. Also went with my dad, who has since refused to go see Muse again (blame Dizzee Rascal or the 'crazy rude rap man' as he puts it) 3) Royal Albert Hall 2018 What could've been something to beat the Manch Academy gig was put off by that stupid medley, whilst in hindsight it does seem rather cool - I was completely thrown off by the lyric-less Assassin 9especially as I've only heard the same 3 songs from Black Holes at every Muse gig) and shortened Stockholm. Dead Star onwards was awesome though. Can't complain at Showbiz though, just wish they played another rarity in full. 4) Manchester Arena 2016 night 2 Mixed feelings about this one, really didn't like the stage setup, the 360 stage just didn't work for me at all. Maybe it was because i was sitting in the seats, but had a good view of the band the entire time. The crowd threw me off as well, nobody seemed to know the lyrics to Reapers or the Handler. Finally managed to catch Citizen Erased though. The whole Drones thing ruined the flow of the entire set, and when they worked they weren't entirely spectacular. 5) Big Weekend 2015 It was shit
  14. Looks like some Musers made the news https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/fans-attending-muses-royal-albert-hall-show-hold-protest-against-300-ticket-packages-a4011961.html%3famp
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