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  1. Myself and 6 others were moshing and going nuts near the sound mixing station. We got some other people to join in while most looked at us like we were crazy.
  2. I understand it, but it's still very narrow. I know its been discussed to no end, but Muse doesn't "owe" us anything when they play a show in terms of a set selection. It's definitely sure as hell considerate that they want to play songs that 95% of people will know, but it does lead to staleness tour to tour. Tonight is show 18 for me and I think I've seen the same core 15 songs at all regular tour shows.
  3. Yeah it really boggles my mind. I saw them on the summer tour and there was a guy who was clearly at his first show. They played Stockholm and he was like "Wow I didn't know this song! This song ROCKS!". Play any song, either people will like it or they may not. Not playing a song because "maybe someone hasn't heard it before" is so lame. This guy probably came for Madness and wound up loving SS. Maybe someone comes for Pressure and loves them for Plug in Baby. You never know.
  4. I'll be there tonight. Expect a pretty standard "radio" set. They have 50min, so I'm expecting 1. Pressure 2. Thought Contagion 3. Dig Down/The Dark Side 4. Knights 5. Starlight 6. Tiro/Hysteria 7. Uprising 8. Madness
  5. ugh that's lame. My brother wont tickets to the Drones one and I saw many familiar fan faces there, figured we'd get a fair shot. I guess not. Welp.
  6. find it hard to believe that not one other Muse fan who uses either twitter/facebook/boards/reddit hasn't won a ticket.
  7. What's the new link register? Not sure if I missed something now. I pre ordered through a guest account since lazy. But did get the email saying that I'll be emailed again about access codes. I assume the .mu membership I've always had would get it?
  8. At this point it's like; we get it. But for him to joke about it so much becomes annoying now. and then he responded to someone on twitter right after the show trying to save face. Stating that he loves America because Bing lives there... However their setlists say otherwise.
  9. Never thought I'd say it, but Big Freeze has been on a lot for me lately. I find the gang vocals during the chorus fantastic and really enjoy the guitar solo, especially the latter one.
  10. I was there and it was easy to tell that a lot of people didn't realize that Matt wasn't even on stage until halfway through the "song".
  11. Im not sure of public transit but i could possibly give you a lift if you need it, going to be tailgating with many others. Give me a PM
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