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  1. Were the sales that bad for the Stadium gigs? Manchester looked full enough to me. I'll probably never see a by-request gig but christ i'd just love to see a Muse gig and then go home afterwards. 2006 (!!) since their last Newcastle show.
  2. I just realised they go from Unsustainable into Dig Down
  3. Sounds very similar to that Twilight Zone clip IMO
  4. The lack of The Void is the only issue I have with this show right now, well until we see what the rotations are anyway
  5. Also would there be a way to get directed back to the forum once you log in? If we hit sign in on the forum we get directed to the members area instead of back here, would be a nice change
  6. What songs can he even be in the big stupid robot suit anyway
  7. oos/bhar abso showbiz st resistance drones t2l I think? however my ordering of the top 3 can change daily really
  8. idk i just feel like TC is 4 minutes of one riff with a whammy solo at the end, doesn't really grip me like a lot of things of ST. "Can't lose, you make me offers that I can't refuse" is the best part of the album imo, especially towards the end of the track
  9. projektxtal

    Muse Rock Medley

    at least it would guarantee they play SS
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