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well that was bad


Sooo it's not really gonna be anything special then? phew


Edit: oh wait that's actually kinda shit since this is probs all they were working on in LA :( more waiting for the club tour boys

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I am a pleb. Who is Elvira? If it leads to a new Muse song, no matter how cheesy, I will be hyped.




A quick google search revealed that she lost her virginity to Tom Jones and as a result required stitches as he was such an "aggressive" lover.





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Ooooh wait now I see. So that Scissor Sisters thing was just a skit to promote their newest album and tour plans? I guess it's possible that Muse could be doing the same thing but just with the DVD instead of an album then.


My hype is semi-back on.

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New song confirmed then?


edit: lol no guitar


Either that or just a silly version of something old. I'm betting on it just being a cover though, as opposed to a full-on new single, if it is something new. Could well come with some announcements though :awesome:

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