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Found 18 results

  1. As The Resistance tour finally comes to a close, a very interesting dynamic is now really going to set in for us Muse fans. Muse has been around for a while now, and with their sudden explosion of popularity after Resisance (especially in the US), its believable to say they are now a world superpower. However, when their next album is released, a lot of die hards will have to come to grips with the fact that a lot of older songs will never be played. Think about it, most of us chek setlists religiously, I am sure weve all noticed how little Showbiz is played anymore. Now think about when ANOTHER album comes out. Its quite possible we wont hear any showbiz live for a very long time, unless they very rarely decide to pop out unintended or maybe cave. Unfortuantely the trend will ripple across with other albums Origin of Symmetry still has about 3 or 4 songs on a setlist, but i would expect to see that number decrease. I doubt Plug in Baby will ever go away, but Feeling Good has now been seen to dissappear in and out of setlists, and with the reemrgence of ruled by secrey and USoE, plus matt said their new album will be more classical and low key, its quite possible feeling good will feel like a thing of the past. Newborn probably wont be played as often (it was switched out several times on this tour), and bliss, as rare as it is, will become even more rare. Absolution will still have good recognition, Id imagine hysteria and time is running out will still be around, but even songs like stockholm syndrome may have trouble staying around consistently. butterflies and hurricanes will probably disappear for good. Blackholes and Revelations will still have many songs, as it is still much more recent. Knights of Cydonia, Starlight, and Supermassive Black Hole will probably be staples to the setlist. Map of the Problematique (and to a lesser extent take a bow) will probably start being snubbed out more as well. Resistance will obviously see the most holdover. Were likely to see all three of the singles plus USOE for a while (and though i cant figure out why, so will guiding light, but not unnatural selection or mk ultra.) that being said im still curious if theyll ever bust out all three exogenesis, something tells me they will ALLLL this being said (and of course just all my opinion, feel free to share), what do you think we can expect in future setlists after their next album? matts been quoted as saying he wants smaller venue type music and possibly more classical sound (which is why i feel songs like stockholm, newborn, and motp would be swapped out in favor of lighter choices). What can Muse fans expect? how rare will showbiz and origin become? for this muser, hopefully not TOO rare
  2. Greetings I live in Ukraine and my question is will MUSE ever here? I've seen they've been to Moscow Russia and somehow they skipped Ukraine and I wonder why so? I live in the city was recently renamed to Dnipro and it is not a capital so if they would ever come they probably visit Kiev our capital as they don't go to may places in one county by looking at their tour stops list. Our city is not that small and it loves rock bands too, our major oligarch in his interview was asked question: what type of music do you listen and the answer was strict: - "rock". I can't say I only listening to rock, I go from Chopin to Lil Wayne but I do like MUSE as well and if they would come to play in Ukraine I'm not sure about Kiev but I woul'd change plans if I had nothing major and they'd come to our town Dnipro and I would buy at least 1 ticket and 2 tickets is a possibility and it is really high. ⛸️ Andriy.
  3. As a Scottish muse fan, I say GET MUSE TO SCOTLAND! 😂💜 we need you guys!
  4. What all Arizonians have been waiting for ..... Muse Mesa Amphitheatre, Mesa, AZ Thu, Sep 20, 2007 06:30 PM presale begins: Fri, 06/22/07 10:00 AM List: Darkshines2020+1 the aurora stellacotton vilandra21 gilmorefan72787+2 dutch Yoshimaru NajaSong juicyfrys livethelie stuffitv3 lostkiwibird Mr-Sofaking chriscox22
  5. Sooo I always see Muse alone because I don't have friends that are into them as much as I am. I'm hoping this forum can help me find potential Muse lovers to rock out at shows with me and sing along to every song because we know them all and love them!!!
  6. Deer MUSE, In Brooklyn and New Jersey, Don't neglect your core listeners, Spread upon us BUTTERFLIES & HURRICANES, Enlighten us with a SUNBURN, Surprise us IN YOUR WOULD And maybe, just maybe we will find BLISS Yours, The ORIGINals
  7. When big bands such as Muse come to Brazil, they usually play at three cities: Rio de Janeiro/RJ, São Paulo/SP and Porto Alegre/RS. While taking a look at the places where Muse would play I found odd that Porto Alegre was not included since it has a few of the best stages in the country and a huge amount of Muse fans that cannot afford the cost of the plane/gig tickets + hotel rooms in SP or RJ. My question here is why were "Grêmio's Arena", "FIERGS parking lot" and even the "Gigantinho" overlooked or ignored?
  8. moglove

    Bangkok Presale

    What is it, I can't find it anywhere?
  9. Do you think Muse could releasing some gigs in audio in the future? Something like Reading 360, but just the audio. A lot of people will download this things, a lot of cash for Muse, everybody will be happy. And, what's your favourites gigs to be realeased? And why? I'll go for: Earl's Court 2004 - 2nd Night (Best Gig ever) Wembley Arena 2006 - 2nd Night (Full BH&R) Wembley 2010 - 2nd Night (2nd best gig ever)
  10. This thread is to say what you think about the supossed song that will be 15 minutes long and in 3 parts: you know, what you want it to sound like, if you'll like it, whether you even think that it's true or if they'll put it on the 5th album.
  11. Time to get excited MUSE fans! Having seen the boys at Perth, BDO - i can't say i had the best vantage point hundreds of people back. Does anyone know what the layout of Bassendean Oval will be? Pure General Admission or will they erect some seating? If anyone has any info or has been to a solo show there before let us know how it goes as a rock venue. Cheers!
  12. I found this gallery of Muse's show in Sydney! Loven' it! It really captures the album http://www.themusicnetwork.com/gallery/live-music-photos/live/muse-acer-arena-sydney
  13. A nice and quite professional read about Muse's stadium tour + the pyramid stage on the cover of the magazine. Enjoy
  14. As a new Muse fan, I watched Glastonbury from the comfort of my living room, and whilst watching in both amazement and wonder, a thought popped into my head: What if this were on DVD and/or CD? I thought my prayers might be answered by backtracking Muse's Tours, and I found that some of the Absolution Tour was done at Glastonbury, and I was hoping that it would come to be a new Album for the Band, much like HAARP. I wish, but alas, this may never come true. I was wondering if I could get any input into this topic, as for all we know, by just saying we want it to be real, it may be made so. So I urge you: PLEASE HELP ME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  15. Hey guys and girls, I don't normally use the Muse messageboard often but I came on in hope of support. I've seen Muse 3 times, the last time was at Sheffield Arena 4th November 2009. I was right at the front (for the first time, but not the last *cough* Manchester *cough* Wembley *cough* ) and I, like many of you as I have read, were blown away just by the introduction! "We Are The Universe" sent so many shivers down my spine, and it still does as I watch the videos on YouTube. It leads so brilliantly into "Uprising" that it left me wondering why they didn't include it on the album, preceding the opener. I am here to try and cause a stir, I don't know if this would ever work, it most likely wouldn't but we can only try! Post on this thread and tell us how much you'd love to download Muse's version of "We Are The Universe" so we can complete "The Resistance" once and for all! Tell your friends, get them on here and get posting! We will be victorious!
  16. Hello there. I was at Muse's last concert on the leg on the 2000-tour at "Lille Vega" in Cophenhagen (11/04/00) and Matt threw out his megaphone after playing "Feeling good" and I got a hand of it. It is a Radio Shack with 99 different programmed tunes with possibility to record and play. With M.Gain and possibility to use external mic to. It is obviously well used with a black tape wrapped around some areas (for instance the batteries wich is now taken out). But most important it works with great sound! I am considering to sell it , but I need a picture from the 2000 tour where Matt uses it, so that people can see that it is same Radio Shack. Does anyone know where to find a picture of Matt using it.
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