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  1. Aye, I tried my hardest in the emails I'd sent to say that my issues wouldn't just be with my vinyl and will be with everyone's. I'm sure the vinyl were already manufactured by the time the skip was noticed on the streaming release..
  2. Emailed support about if we'd get a new copy of the vinyl without the micro cuts skip (and saying that it was a mistake that was fixed on streaming sites.) they just said they'd send a new copy in the post, don't really know if this means its a new pressing or they don't realise it's a mistake all of them will have and i'm getting another copy of the same thing Very interesting, especially when mine is the coloured version also.. (no skipping anywhere else just micro cuts error)
  3. the way the strings just cut off after verse 2 of Space Dementia 😑
  4. Hyper Music is SLAMMED
  5. Definitely, once it's midnight in the US you'll see it
  6. digitally yes first impressions: snare
  7. Were the sales that bad for the Stadium gigs? Manchester looked full enough to me. I'll probably never see a by-request gig but christ i'd just love to see a Muse gig and then go home afterwards. 2006 (!!) since their last Newcastle show.
  8. I just realised they go from Unsustainable into Dig Down
  9. Sounds very similar to that Twilight Zone clip IMO
  10. The lack of The Void is the only issue I have with this show right now, well until we see what the rotations are anyway
  11. Also would there be a way to get directed back to the forum once you log in? If we hit sign in on the forum we get directed to the members area instead of back here, would be a nice change
  12. What songs can he even be in the big stupid robot suit anyway
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