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  1. They had a Bliss/Showbiz rotation last night. Dom shouted out the songs and the loudest cheer won. Just like they did with the French by request show a while back. Sadly, they had to skip the metal medley to save time due to bad weather.
  2. He looked like he was struggling in Mexico. The final falsetto was good but he sounded pretty gassed on the chest notes.
  3. Wow, this looks awesome. Completely forgot about it.
  4. The Resistance stadium outdoor shows were all bloody fantastic, as was the stage for the festival run. Simple, effective and didn't hold back the band from mixing up the sets. Watched of a multi-cam of the second Wembley night 2010 last night (with the rotations from night 1 included) and it brought back so many great memories, by far the best 'standard' performance I've ever seen them give. Of course, Leeds 2011/Psycho tour/SBE were special occasions but they really were on fire that night. MK Ultra, Map and my first performance of Bliss all back to back, Matt's People of the Sun into and the outro tapping in Hysteria, the Glasto '04 riff in CE and RBS (my all-time fav) completely out of the blue...they were brilliant that weekend but seemed more loose than on the first night. Top 5 Muse gig, maybe even top 3. And yet, for all the controversy at the time, looking back...the first night's set was also no slouch.
  5. They're touring until mid October right? There's a decent gap in August, mind. Hoping for some more 'by request' shows.
  6. Interesting. It wasn't quiet or anything and the levels/mix were all very well balanced where I was (close to the b stage in the middle), a couple more decibels would have made it perfect. I am on the short side mind so when I'm surrounded by a crowd of people I do notice a difference 😆lay One thing that really made me smile was being stood next to a couple who had been fans since BHaR yet had never seen them live. Their faces lit up during TaB, lovely moment.
  7. Belter of a gig. Proper enjoyed that. Going in blind was the best thing. My last gig before this was SBE so I had already made peace with the fact I wasn't going to see a show on that 'level' but overall the performance was excellent, the crowd were really into it (where I was at least) and I thought the set catered well to all types of fans. + the ST songs all translated really well live, especially Algorithm (good lord that piano) and Break It To Me. Only Propaganda fell a little flat, felt it got a bit lost in the big open space. + Tom Morello coming out was amazing and you could tell how much he and Matt were enjoying the moment. + the production/visuals were stellar throughout, I wish it had been dark the whole time! + Great to hear Hysteria, PiB and SS as I wasn't sure they'd be played. Bliss and Take A Bow (which sounded great a half step down) were exactly the kind of songs that I wanted, fan favourites and they really fit the feel of the tour. Good set length too. - I felt the sound could have been a smiiiidge louder on the whole. I've noticed that a few times with the Etihad in general though. - It's becoming more noticeable that Matt is showing wear and tear on his voice. Not his fault by any means and he still gives 100%, it's just a shame. Quite evident from the number of breaks he has as well. - Think I would have preferred The Void/Blockades over Propaganda but nevermind. An easy 8.5/10 for me
  8. Muse are on at 20:45 tonight. Probably gonna have to leave during the encore to make that final train back to Liverpool. Never had to do that before, damn.
  9. It feels good to be back here. Shame it's so quiet Absolutely no idea what their sets have been like since the RAH gig in December so it'll be good going into things relatively blind. Not expecting anything in the way of rarities as I imagine it'll be ST songs and 'the hits' but something mid tier like a Map, Bliss or TaB (which would fit perfectly) would be ace. Hope the Assassin riff is still part of the medley as well. Hid Muse from instagram as well so I'm unspoiled on the stage production as well. Genuinely concerned about the weather though, I work in Rainhill which isn't too far away from Manc and we had severe hailstone, thunder and rain the other night. 100% gig cancellation weather. Why my name changed? Why am I no longer Cyborgninja?
  10. I'd be more than happy with a Bliss/Map rotation again like in 2012/13 as both are class songs and it's probably the most 'fair' rotation they've done. Not sure how much it'll show up this time round but I hope they have piano rotation slot this tour
  11. I reckon rotations will be extremely minimal on this upcoming tour, even with two nighters I think it's only going to be one or two different songs this time round. Seems like they're really doubling down on the production side of things and like you said, additional performers are going to keep things pretty static. Edit: then again...maybe they'll just keep the performers for new songs?
  12. I've been doing the same and fully agree. I had Drones on non-stop in the months following its release and totally burned out, same thing (to a slightly lesser extent) with T2L.
  13. You sound so narked about someone casually helping out with a project that is still very much a long way off. Calm yourself down, there's really no need for all the rambling.
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