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True, if anything I might look into the TC Electronic RH450 or something similar. Might have to sell my full stack and get something different then. I've got the Eden Nemesis 650 with 2 cabs... might go back to a 2x10 only setup... :erm:


The TC Electronics amp looks intriguing.


I won't put any recommendations on where to go with amps. Purely a taste thing so if you are unhappy with what you're using, go out and try some. I'm moving to an Ashdown ABM500 Evo III in a 4x10 setup soon, mostly so if I do play at a festival again I don't have the embarrasing task of asking someone for a decent amp :LOL:

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Hope no one minds me bumping this.


I've got an EHX Little Big Muff Pi and I'm trying to get a sound out of it similar to Matt's in Plug In Baby, as well as the sound in Supermassive Black Hole.


Whilst I'm aware it's not the ideal pedal to achieve said sounds, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in getting anything remotely close to them.


Cheers :)

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Hi guys !


I've been looking for the MK Ultra's sound on my guitar but I didn't find exactly the same.

I searched before an I saw the following thread http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=67265&page=2 but I also saw some cover on youtube with only a fuzz factory with the same sound, not with a bluebox.


For the moment with my FF, I've got a sound pretty similar:

Vol Gate Comp Drive Stab

10:00 11:15 2:45 5:00 4:15


If anyone have a better similar sound, tell me ;)


Thanks ! :)

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I actually do it so the delayed note plays at the same time I play the next note in the riff. So you get a kind of delay harmony that actually works really well, and you can keep the delay going for the verse too. Sounds good for the note bending in there.

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anyone know the effects/amp settings for panic station? I know he uses wah for the main riff, but what type of wah? distortion/fuzz? EQ?


Light gain for most of the song and heavier gain for the solo does it for me enough. It's an auto wah he uses but I'm not really sure what kind cause it does sound a bit different than most I've heard.

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Ah, cheers, and are you sure it's auto-wah? as in the live video at the Itunes festival he definitely uses a wah pedal, perhaps it's different live than in the studio.. and i cannot get the auto-wah on my amp to sound anything like it :(


Oh and whilst im here could I just check the settings for Unsustainable and Supremacy? (im covering most songs from the 2nd law) what I have for Unsustainable so far: High gain for the slides, whammy +1 octave on 3rd frett harmonics on the 4th/5th string for the squeally bits, and Kaoss Pad obv for the, well, Kaoss Pad parts :p I'm not sure on the effect used on the behind the nut strikes after the first dubstep part, where he slides, and then strikes behind the nut with some sort of effect (ive tried whammy, but either im doing it wrong or it's not whammy) I havent actually tried settings for Supremacy just yet. but it sounds pretty simple, no effects, just need to mess around with EQ, no?

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yeah, i was pretty sure, i just wanted to make sure :) and 1 oct down? is that for the slides? as I just drop my low E to an A instead like for CE and Supremacy. Cheers for the settings, hopefully should get on to recording in the next few days or so


The 1oct down helps with getting the really low notes with just keeping the guitar in drop D. For the high squeals I just do the strings above the nut and pitch up. It sounds close enough.


there aren't - it's all whammy pitch bending, but it requires changing the modes by MIDI


This is the best way of course. Although it sounds really sloppy when I do it cause I'm just shit at playing the song. Also I can't get good enough sustain out of the fuzz.


The stuttering effect thing I still can't figure out. Looking at the making of he's not picking the notes it just does it automatically.

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