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  1. Now that I heard Mew is supporting, I'm almost sad that I can't go to this gig. Almost. Maybe just a wee bit sad, not more than that. I'll survive. Although...Muse and Mew both... Fuck it, I seriously want to be at this gig. Damn it. But in the end, traveling > Muse. Just have to accept I can't always have them both.
  2. Sounds like you've just had some bad experiences. I've been in two gigs (well, one festival and one gig) outside Finland and both times it was just people having fun together. If someone fell or was looking ill or anything like that, he/she always got help from people around him. Like this one fella at Reading when Muse played, he was one row away from the barrier, suddenly he started panicking and looked like he was going to faint, so everyone next to him helped raise him up and lift him to the barrier (mid-song, disrupting their own enjoyment of the gig!), where the security guards could help him. So you see, it's not always just people being selfish. It's all about having a blast together without being a dick. Yes, there will always be some idiots at gigs, too, but that's just something that happens. Most people are still quite nice and friendly, at least in my experience. Edit: Grammaaaaar. Oh and also, I too would be happy enough if people just danced and partied, but in Finland people don't really do even that at gigs. Talk about apathy.
  3. Well I definitely don't see it that way, but each to its own, I guess. If anything, I think all the moving and the little bit of friendly pushing just adds to the atmosphere and makes it easier for you to get lost in the "feeling" (I don't know a better word to explain that) Oh and even though it usually can seem pretty aggressive and rude, usually the atmosphere is really quite friendly. It's not like people are deliberately trying to hurt each other or anything. Except maybe when you're in a metal gig or something like that, but not in rock gigs. I dunno, it just really adds to the experience when there's some action in the crowd. Or at least that's how I feel. When everyone's just standing and not doing anything, the whole thing feels kinda distant. It just feels like something's missing. And plus, usually music makes me want to move and dance and all that and it sucks in Finland when no one else seems to ever feel the same way. And also, in my opinion live music without any kind of crowd involvement is just really dull in the end. Unless I'm listening to a musical masterpiece or something, but Muse's music isn't really like that most of the time, so... Okay, rant over.
  4. Nope To me T2L feels like a random collection of songs more than anything else. And all the songs relating thematically to each other is kinda off too. EDIT: Oh, and also: I think most of the complaints about Muse "selling out" have been about them being in the Twilight soundtrack and having dubstep influences when it is a very mainstream genre. I rarely hear people accusing Muse of selling out when it comes to mixing genres or writing pop singles. Muse have always been quite poppy anyway. But yes, it's true that you can never please everyone. Why should it? Inb4 "BECAUSE IT'S SO AWESOME"
  5. Discovered Muse first through Guitar Hero with Assassin, and then I got Showbiz and BHaR. It was sometime in 2009 I think, since I remember just missing their Finland gig.
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