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  1. Vexter Fuzz Factory, original packaging, mint, £100. including UK postage. Bass Big Muff, original packaging, mint, £30. including UK postage. Postage is more for folk around the world. Offers considered! Reply via PM or email: jamiehaas@btinternet.com
  2. It wasn't shit, it just wasn't special. Pretty standard... Could have had Justboy in there (still a hit), Jaggy Snake (bitches love jaggy snake) and a well known VOB song like Toys Toys Toys in there, instead of Skylight and Folding Stars and shit
  3. No, it genuinely was amazing. It was also probably the 3rd worst setlist I've seen them play. Worst was SDF, but that was a support slot, then Ibiza, but that was a short time slot, then this. I mean, it's got nothing on Swindon and iTunes.
  4. I agree about Folding Stars. The shit setlist was made up for by the amazing performance, and I couldn't give a shit about the crowd, I thought it was pretty wild from my point of view, I just go off in my own world. It was amazing, best gig of my life (and that's saying something).
  5. Anyone want a smoke machine? £30 Bass big muff. £30 Gotoh 510s (tuners only, no nuts) £30 Aluminium head buttons (like rust_relic's) £37
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