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  1. I actually listened to the latest album. There's some rock music on there, which was a pleasant surprise. I didn't notice any whammy though
  2. cheddatom

    Doms Drums

    :-D I think you got it right first time, a smaller china, same red logo which looks like paiste to me although in that live pic they're all zildjan
  3. Well you're gonna be poor, tryin' to tour and you can't lift an amp off the floor! My back is sore, red raw, but I'm still beggin' for more, and I'll work for coins 'cos paper is a bore. You must have an attitude flaw. This ain't folk law, I'm earning money galore, more than I can store in four drawers, enough to pay my own pedal corps and their whores feel free to ignore, but rest assured, I'm gettin' mine while you snore
  4. I'm no paper hater, if you don't want coins I ain't gonna make-ya, but your muscles must be thin like a wafer, cos 10 pound coins weigh less than a tater
  5. £140 for my tascam US1800 shipped I don't really come here that often these days so email me on tom@rifffactory.co.uk if you'd like it!
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