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  1. Hi all, Its with my regret that I need to raise some funds and with so (possibly to your delight) I'll be selling two of my prize possessions - my Origin of Muse Boxset and the Jaded Hearts - Live at the 100 club Vinyl. I bought both over the last few years and now looking to find a good home for them. Both are in amazing condition (Origin of Muse box has a couple of light flaws). I didn't want to sell them for absurd amounts (taking into account discogs average sold price and their condition) - and I've posted them both on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373755822743?mkevt=1&mkcid=16&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373755865440?mkevt=1&mkcid=16&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 These listings are currently open to anyone in the UK (as I'm not sure about international shipping myself but more than happy to discuss further). Any other questions let me know, Thanks, J
  2. Fans From Malaysia.. *Memory Remains Forever.. Now HOPE We will HOPE We will HOPE that they'll be coming again.. *Take A Bow... For all Malaysian Musers...
  3. Seeing covers showcase more of the creative side of Musers, this thread has been moved from Kit and Tab and given a new home here in Creativity. This thread is for Muse and Non-Muse covers, audio, video or MIDI files. If you want a link to all your YouTube or Soundcloud covers added to this post, send a private message to james90, Matthijs, or any other moderator and we'll add you to the list. Work on here can be freely used to create more complete covers (i.e. downloading drums and adding guitar, or adding vocals). If you wish for your file not to be reused, you must specify otherwise it is assumed you allow it. This topic should be used for discussing people's work, offering constructive criticism and for planning collaborations - basically anything that is on the topic of Muse or Non-Muse covers. Please note that all off topic posts in this thread will be deleted/edited to ensure this thread doesn't become full of spam, this is nothing personal. Links to some Musers' covers: Matthijs' covers: youtube link Harley.'s covers: youtube link bucket_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Dave's covers: youtube link Bentley's covers: youtube link Olly.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Crowella's covers: soundcloud link Dominic.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Lord MFC's covers: youtube link Lick My Face's covers: youtube link alyssa_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Royboy's covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RayFan9876's covers: Ordeal's covers: youtube link philam64's covers: youtube link darthan's covers: youtube link smokid's covers: youtube link alibros' covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RabadanOscar's covers: youtube link Barbara's covers: youtube link Kraney's covers: soundcloud link
  4. Greetings I live in Ukraine and my question is will MUSE ever here? I've seen they've been to Moscow Russia and somehow they skipped Ukraine and I wonder why so? I live in the city was recently renamed to Dnipro and it is not a capital so if they would ever come they probably visit Kiev our capital as they don't go to may places in one county by looking at their tour stops list. Our city is not that small and it loves rock bands too, our major oligarch in his interview was asked question: what type of music do you listen and the answer was strict: - "rock". I can't say I only listening to rock, I go from Chopin to Lil Wayne but I do like MUSE as well and if they would come to play in Ukraine I'm not sure about Kiev but I woul'd change plans if I had nothing major and they'd come to our town Dnipro and I would buy at least 1 ticket and 2 tickets is a possibility and it is really high. ⛸️ Andriy.
  5. Who else hasn’t received their tickets to see Muse on Saturday 8th June (being this Saturday) in Manchester at the Etihad Stadium? Apparently there was a mix up with the the last batch and so everyone is recommended to call and get new tickets to be collected from the venue. But I can’t get in touch with them. It’s a nightmare.
  6. Hi musers 😎 I am going to Muse concert in Tauron arena in Krakow 22. of June. I am from Serbia originally and at this moment working in Slovakia in Košice. Will be nice if there is someone similar (foreigner or resident) who is heading to concert in Krakow? Maybe we can hang out before concert and discuss about Muse songs ☺️ Cheers 🍻
  7. As a Scottish muse fan, I say GET MUSE TO SCOTLAND! 😂💜 we need you guys!
  8. So I was wondering what are everyone's favorite quotes that Muse have written? Not your favorite set of lyrics, but a line or lines from any of their songs that are very meaningful to you. Post down below your favorite quotes and explain why you like them! It always changes for me, but as of now, the most meaningful quote to me is from Dead Inside: "Don't leave me out in the cold, don't leave me out to die! I gave you everything - I can't give you anymore! Now I've become just like you!" I think many people can relate to the meaning of those lyrics as much as I do. They remind me of my last relationship, which was a very unhealthy one. In my interpretation of those lyrics, I imagine someone needing their partner to be there for them but is always getting hurt by their partner. Their partner treats them like shit and it makes them feel terrible. They need that person and yet they despise them so much. Now that person has become so broken by their loved one that they feel like they're just as terrible and ugly as the one who mistreated them. They believe that person made them dead inside just like them. My heart breaks every time I hear this section
  9. NEW YORK! Muse are performing at ALT 92.3 Radio's NØT SØ SILENT NIGHT in Brooklyn on December 6th. Tickets available October 19th at 10a ET. Details here: https://muse.mu/news,alt-923s-not-so-silent-night-in-brooklyn_4850.htm The event begins at 6:00pm at the Barclays Center. Use Altantic Terminal if using LIRR or NYCT.
  10. tl;dr Muse are doing well in the race for Song Of The Year here in Holland, please help me make it #1 by voting here I work for 3voor12/VPRO, which is basically a cross between PBS, BBC and Pitchfork. Meaning we do reviews, interviews, record + publish liveshows etc. Every year since 1985 we give out an award for Song Of The Year, that people can vote for. Previous winners include Arcade Fire, Tame Impala & De Staat. As I said, I work for the organisation, and I can say Muse has a very good chance of winning, but there's still a week left to vote. I'd absolutely love it if Muse won, so if you have 3 minutes to fill out this form and select 'Pressure' that would be awesome. Told my colleagues I was planning on doing this, and they're doubting I can get enough people to vote. So yeah, if you'd like Muse to win this, and in the process prove my colleagues wrong: please vote here https://stem.npo3fm.nl/3voor12-song-van-het-jaar-2018/1 Thanks in advance, let's take Muse to the top!
  11. What's up musers from around the world! My name is Wallo and I have a band here in Brazil called Nuclei, and it happens to be HEAVILY influenced by old Muse (OoS to Resistace, mainly). "But ooh Wallo, you are brazilian, don't you sing in portuguese?" Well, actually, we don't. "But ooh Wallo it just sound like a ripoff!" Well... some people may feel like this and I can't do anything... BUT if you happen to like our songs, my job here is more than done. I will leave here our single for the last EP we released: Ympc7DXnWAo Give me your thoughts, tell me what you liked and what you didn't, I'm all ears. =D (Quick Update) We already released 2 eps this year, the first one (Wake Up) in february and the second one (Debris Field) in june. There are 10 sons to be listened to (and PLEASE COMMENT HERE YOUR THOUGHTS) You can find us on most of the music networks such as spotify, deezer, apple music, google play and else, just search for Nuclei or nucleibr. But I'll leave the most importante ones here: Spotify: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/nucleibr Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nucleibr (since we are brazilians, posts are in portuguese) Instagram: @nucleibr Website: http://www.nucleibr.com
  12. Right then, after some discussion (lol), I'm making this. Basically, a thread for people to talk about whatever is on their mind to do with Muse at the moment. Yes, a place for people to finally talk/speculate wildly about Album #6 without having to worry about going off on tangents (as long as they're Muse-related tangents) and anything else that you want to discuss with other people, their musical direction, how you miss the old Muse etc etc. Whatever's current with Muse.
  13. My son is just eight but he utterly worships muse. We credit muse for sparking his obsession with guitar. Please watch his cover of Thought Contagion and feel free to share.
  14. Hey everyone, I've created a new account to post this as I can't log into my old account. Last year I did a Halloween video Dead Inside mixed with Micheal Jackson thriller. This year I've done a spooky Halloween twist on a Time is Running Out. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=qyQoyDIp1Cw Please enjoy, remember I'm no Matt Bellamy but I gave it a good go. If you enjoyed it leave a comment or like. A Facebook share would be amazing. Thanks guys i know you'll be nice.
  15. I'm selling a pair in Orch H, row MM (can no longer go). Just looking for what I paid - $295 for pair & I can transfer them to you via Ticketmaster. Please let me know. You can email me directly at klhrabosky@gmail.com since I'm having issues with this PM system. Thanks, Kara
  16. Hi guys, I want to share the latest product from my production studio that is muse-related. Please kindly watch it and give your comments about the video on youtube, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks! ^^
  17. Hello fellow Muse fans! I am currently working on a cover of Megalomania and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of effect is used on the organ at the beginning of the song. To me it sounds very similar to a phaser, but not quite. If anyone knows, please feel free to respond!
  18. Do you know any website that has those recordings (preference in SBD) ? I haven't found (except from Vienna Pepsi Music Hall, 21th October 2001, but it's incomplete!!!):stunned:
  19. Hi guys, Since no one else has made it, I will make a multicam of the Muse show in the ziggo dome in amsterdam (07.03.2015) . If you want to participate, please send me your original video files (and audio files) to dinnissen.tim@gmail.com, you can use WeTransfer or DropBox. Or is it a better idea to make a compilation of Muse in the Ziggo Dome, instead of one show? Thanks!
  20. Hoy... estuve escribiéndole a un amigo... y en algún momento me perdí escuchando una de sus canciones (Sunburn)... y eh aquí lo que escribí mientras escuchaba la canción: Solo quiero hundirme en ese mar de colores... Perderme en ese océano... Podrías ver un océano violeta?... entre tanto azul... Un cielo... o un mar entre las nubes... Puedes olerlo?... humedad... Y, ahora te preguntas donde esta?... Es solo el reflejo de tu mundo en el cielo... Es mi mundo... tu mundo... Ahora puedes verlo?... hermoso? ---------------------------- Después de escribirlo... solo pensé en que me gustaría que ustedes lo leyeran y que les agradara... y es por eso que ahora lo publico.
  21. Hello, I'm looking for a song in which there are lyrics like this or similar "like some light is guiding her, protecting her" it can be something a bit different Does it ring a bell anyone? Ty 🎵
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