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  1. Fans From Malaysia.. *Memory Remains Forever.. Now HOPE We will HOPE We will HOPE that they'll be coming again.. *Take A Bow... For all Malaysian Musers...
  2. Hello, Musers. I am starting out on piano and would like to learn some Muse songs. What are some of the easiest ones to play? Thanks for reading
  3. Ok, Time to Start a fresh!!!!! But lets try and keep it a lil more organised This time let have Band name -Followed by url/site addy And then list of songs? Ok lets go! ---------------------------------------------------- Ki Kame - www.ki-kame.com here are some short samples of our stuff. [] Preacher [] A Guernican Relation --------------------------------------------------- Lets try an keep em all like this. Its just easier to see stuff. AHhhhh tiz up to yourselves EDIT (2022) I finally got access back to this account. Also feel free to check out another band I play in called Codes. Our second album AALTARS is available on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0IPPWmKHIsbXSTkpAjEvxn?si=WYoWbrkyTOqQyjh0p9u-sA
  4. I went to wicksteed park today website here and whilst i was on the 'astroglide' i could hear all of absolution being played in the 'laser tag arena'......twas great!!!! lol ...i have also heard apocalypse please being played in Topman/Topshop in peterborough .....so that leads me to the question: 'Where have YOU heard muse being played?"
  5. Hi all, Its with my regret that I need to raise some funds and with so (possibly to your delight) I'll be selling two of my prize possessions - my Origin of Muse Boxset and the Jaded Hearts - Live at the 100 club Vinyl. I bought both over the last few years and now looking to find a good home for them. Both are in amazing condition (Origin of Muse box has a couple of light flaws). I didn't want to sell them for absurd amounts (taking into account discogs average sold price and their condition) - and I've posted them both on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373755822743?mkevt=1&mkcid=16&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373755865440?mkevt=1&mkcid=16&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 These listings are currently open to anyone in the UK (as I'm not sure about international shipping myself but more than happy to discuss further). Any other questions let me know, Thanks, J
  6. Hey guys, can someone tell me if you know the meaning behind the artwork from origin of symmetry containing a place with the letters “Roxy Disco”. I searched on google but couldn’t find anything regarding this. It appeared in the big screen during the live performance of Hyper Music at Reading Festival 2011 where they performed the whole origin of symmetry. Thanks a lot!
  7. The purpose for this thread is a place where people can post muse items they are selling / links to ebay auctions and for discussions related to the items. this is to both reduce clutter of multiple threads and to limit the ability people can use this forum as an advertising resource. In making this single threads for selling items is no longer permitted Please note - Any fake items posted or items with dubious legitimacy will be removed - Do not use this as a means to ripping off fans, not only will your post be removed but you will also be banned. We ask that members are vigilant towards whats posted here and make use of the report facility (bottom left of a post) to alert us staff to anything that might be fishy. Of course anything you buy that is linked here is entirely at your own risk and we accept no liability for any problems that occur.
  8. Ok, this is a thread where we can share different effects/amps settings for Muse songs that people on the board have found and would like share. Hopefully this should minimise the number of threads created asking "how do I get this sound for this song." Obviouly I'll need help from you lot to get as much information on this thread as possible, so any settings you have for songs, please send me a Private Message stating what the settings are and preferably what pedal or amp you found it on. So basically: Find good setting for a song PM me with details of the settings and what pedal/amp it was on I'll put it on here Simple enough Showbiz Sunburn Muscle Museum paranoid: Don`t play with straight on distortion, rather go for a cleanish overdrive, that`s not too bassy. I play it like the album version, so I use the whammy with the harmonizer set on the second setting from below (push the treadle down for the 14th fret notes, then back again after you finished playing them). You could add more distortion for the chorus, as the album version of it sounds weak when you play by yourself. Go with the powerchords instead, sounds better anyway. Fillip Falling Down Cave Showbiz Haze015: You just need some form of delay. Slow, subtle phasing and two fuzzes preferably. One is the FF set to feedback to use for the verse riff(s) or feedback in the second verse like on Hullabaloo, I use my volume control to play around with pitch of feedback if I fancy walking around a bit, doesn't really matter how you do it, also use the fuzz factory for the solo aswell. The second is just for the chorus, just set it for a heavy sound that works with the chords. Unintended Uno Sober Escape Overdue Hate This And I'll Love You Origin Of Symmetry Here's a way of getting close to Matt's live tone during the OOS Tour if those who don't have a DSL: If you have a valve amp, get a mid heavy distortion pedal, like a Rat, turn the volume on the amp right off, then max out the volume on the distortion pedal, then bring the volume of the amp up to whatever is suitable, set the gain to whatever suits you. With a Rat, I managed to get pretty close and just used the guitar's volume for 'clean' and distortion, like Matt did during OOS. New Born Dymund: POD: Fuzz Box, gain all the way up, bass backed off a lot, mids and trebs really high. I also boost this with a G Major's parametric EQ but im guessing not too many ppl have that facility. This gives a quite nasty nazal fuzz that cuts through better than normal. I then add a touch of hall reverb, not so much that it swamps the sound but so that the notes kinda run into one another easier than if there wasnt any. This kind of sound is great for songs like TSP and newborn's intro. Bliss reverendmaynard - (This is a setting for the Line6 DL4) digital delay Time: 5th dot Repeats: 6th Dot Tweak: 5th Tweez: 5th Mix: Up to you. Haze015 - (DL4 again) Sweep Delay, Time = Half, Repeats = Half, Tweak = around 10'o'clock, Tweaz = 2'o'clock, Mix = Half. (Thats one of my presets ok, don't slag me off about it). Space Dementia Hyper Music Deepfat: I have it on a clean channel on the amp, this song is in drop D. I use my back humbucker for a clean tone, I use a Big muff NYC with the tone very high set at 3 o'clock and the sustain set at 8 o'clock. For the intro I have the distortion on. On the Verses I turn the distortion off and just use a clean channel, you can use a delay set on short delay with little of no effect, it just makes the notes clearer and its sounds a bit nicer. When you get to the "just to spit it your face part" I turn my stomp box on and use my neck humbucker to get a heavy distortion on the scraping, then switch back down to my back humbucker for the chorus. Plug In Baby Haze015: (For FF owners) For the main riff set the FF to the Radio Fuzz Preset on the intruction sheet. For the live sound, use a phaser in front of the FF, FF's work pretty much the same with phasers like the Phase 90 and Small Stones in front of them as they do when there's nothing there, except the guitar volume has no effect on oscillation pitch. Basically, that WILL nail the live sound. Deepfat: Plug in baby: I use a clean channel as preset one and then a clean channel with the phaser set to its slowest as preset two, you'll need the channel changer pedal to do this properly. I use a bigmuff, set to tone on full and the distortion at a 1/3, on my neck pickup for the main riff, when played live matt holds the notes 9-----7-----8----10 you should have enought gain to do that as well. I then switch to preset two and turn my muff off for the chorus. Matt usaully plays a little riff here live, you can improvise or work it out what it is for yourself. Switch to your back pickup for the chords on the verse and turn your muff back on. Your then back to the main riff, so select your neck pickup and preset 1 on your amp. Main rift: preset one, muff and neck pickup Chorus: preset two and back pickup Verse: preset two, muff and back pickup Citizen Erased Haze015: You must have full on distortion for this song, otherwise the harmonics don't sound good at all. For the clean verse, use delay for the volume swells. For the solo, just improvise and hit random stuff whilst getting loads of feedback, basically just make noise Helps if you own a Marshall DSL100 which I discovered is what Matt used for the song, really heavily distorted, the harmonics really stand out. Use a soft "V" shape on the EQ for it. Mirco Cuts Screenager Dark Shines Feeling Good Megalomania
  9. Seeing covers showcase more of the creative side of Musers, this thread has been moved from Kit and Tab and given a new home here in Creativity. This thread is for Muse and Non-Muse covers, audio, video or MIDI files. If you want a link to all your YouTube or Soundcloud covers added to this post, send a private message to james90, Matthijs, or any other moderator and we'll add you to the list. Work on here can be freely used to create more complete covers (i.e. downloading drums and adding guitar, or adding vocals). If you wish for your file not to be reused, you must specify otherwise it is assumed you allow it. This topic should be used for discussing people's work, offering constructive criticism and for planning collaborations - basically anything that is on the topic of Muse or Non-Muse covers. Please note that all off topic posts in this thread will be deleted/edited to ensure this thread doesn't become full of spam, this is nothing personal. Links to some Musers' covers: Matthijs' covers: youtube link Harley.'s covers: youtube link bucket_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Dave's covers: youtube link Bentley's covers: youtube link Olly.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Crowella's covers: soundcloud link Dominic.'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Lord MFC's covers: youtube link Lick My Face's covers: youtube link alyssa_'s covers: youtube link | soundcloud link Royboy's covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RayFan9876's covers: Ordeal's covers: youtube link philam64's covers: youtube link darthan's covers: youtube link smokid's covers: youtube link alibros' covers: youtube link | soundcloud link RabadanOscar's covers: youtube link Barbara's covers: youtube link Kraney's covers: soundcloud link
  10. Greetings I live in Ukraine and my question is will MUSE ever here? I've seen they've been to Moscow Russia and somehow they skipped Ukraine and I wonder why so? I live in the city was recently renamed to Dnipro and it is not a capital so if they would ever come they probably visit Kiev our capital as they don't go to may places in one county by looking at their tour stops list. Our city is not that small and it loves rock bands too, our major oligarch in his interview was asked question: what type of music do you listen and the answer was strict: - "rock". I can't say I only listening to rock, I go from Chopin to Lil Wayne but I do like MUSE as well and if they would come to play in Ukraine I'm not sure about Kiev but I woul'd change plans if I had nothing major and they'd come to our town Dnipro and I would buy at least 1 ticket and 2 tickets is a possibility and it is really high. ⛸️ Andriy.
  11. Mattestro

    Muse backstage

    Has anyone here ever seen Muse backstage?
  12. Who else hasn’t received their tickets to see Muse on Saturday 8th June (being this Saturday) in Manchester at the Etihad Stadium? Apparently there was a mix up with the the last batch and so everyone is recommended to call and get new tickets to be collected from the venue. But I can’t get in touch with them. It’s a nightmare.
  13. Hi musers 😎 I am going to Muse concert in Tauron arena in Krakow 22. of June. I am from Serbia originally and at this moment working in Slovakia in Košice. Will be nice if there is someone similar (foreigner or resident) who is heading to concert in Krakow? Maybe we can hang out before concert and discuss about Muse songs ☺️ Cheers 🍻
  14. As a Scottish muse fan, I say GET MUSE TO SCOTLAND! 😂💜 we need you guys!
  15. So I was wondering what are everyone's favorite quotes that Muse have written? Not your favorite set of lyrics, but a line or lines from any of their songs that are very meaningful to you. Post down below your favorite quotes and explain why you like them! It always changes for me, but as of now, the most meaningful quote to me is from Dead Inside: "Don't leave me out in the cold, don't leave me out to die! I gave you everything - I can't give you anymore! Now I've become just like you!" I think many people can relate to the meaning of those lyrics as much as I do. They remind me of my last relationship, which was a very unhealthy one. In my interpretation of those lyrics, I imagine someone needing their partner to be there for them but is always getting hurt by their partner. Their partner treats them like shit and it makes them feel terrible. They need that person and yet they despise them so much. Now that person has become so broken by their loved one that they feel like they're just as terrible and ugly as the one who mistreated them. They believe that person made them dead inside just like them. My heart breaks every time I hear this section
  16. dunno where this thread should go!...but hey!.... does n e 1 have a muse tattoo or know of n e 1 that does? if so got a pic? im seriously considering it, but dont know where on my body to get it! any ideas!? cheers!
  17. Saw it on muse live, think it should be on this forum, to avoid a few pointless threads.
  18. NEW YORK! Muse are performing at ALT 92.3 Radio's NØT SØ SILENT NIGHT in Brooklyn on December 6th. Tickets available October 19th at 10a ET. Details here: https://muse.mu/news,alt-923s-not-so-silent-night-in-brooklyn_4850.htm The event begins at 6:00pm at the Barclays Center. Use Altantic Terminal if using LIRR or NYCT.
  19. tl;dr Muse are doing well in the race for Song Of The Year here in Holland, please help me make it #1 by voting here I work for 3voor12/VPRO, which is basically a cross between PBS, BBC and Pitchfork. Meaning we do reviews, interviews, record + publish liveshows etc. Every year since 1985 we give out an award for Song Of The Year, that people can vote for. Previous winners include Arcade Fire, Tame Impala & De Staat. As I said, I work for the organisation, and I can say Muse has a very good chance of winning, but there's still a week left to vote. I'd absolutely love it if Muse won, so if you have 3 minutes to fill out this form and select 'Pressure' that would be awesome. Told my colleagues I was planning on doing this, and they're doubting I can get enough people to vote. So yeah, if you'd like Muse to win this, and in the process prove my colleagues wrong: please vote here https://stem.npo3fm.nl/3voor12-song-van-het-jaar-2018/1 Thanks in advance, let's take Muse to the top!
  20. Hallo, I'm setting this thread for all Fuzz Factory users. What is the Fuzz Factory ? Is Matt's main effect he uses in a lot of Muse songs. This pedal is a very special distorsion/fuzz pedal. But Matt has this effect built in his 3 main Mansons guitars (black, silver and brocken mirror) and most recently the silver Bomber. A lot of comments can be viewed here. Where to buy the Fuzz Factory ? Not many dealers sell this effect, but you can get in on Mansons shop (who makes Matt's guitars) for 209 £ But you might prefer to buy it in america as it's quite cheap, for example on musictoyz.com it's $ 229.95 (124 £) or on buzzfox $ 220 What are the ideal settings for a muse song ? From the FAQ and Chris's post: For songs like New Born and Bliss its best to set the Stab all the way, Drive no higher than 12:00, hardly any Comp and if you really can't stand a bit of hiss use the Gate. For CE its best to have lots of Fuzz, this is a setting I like to use for CE and Muscle Museum Stab - 5:00 Drive - 5:00 Comp - 7:00 Gate Far enough to get rid of the hissing. Plug in Baby: Radio Fuzz setting (7:00 10:00 12:00 12:00) How can I integrate a FF to my guitar? Is it complicated? You can do it yourself, or let Mansons do it: https://www.mansons.co.uk/workshop/prices MORE INFO See Chris' post: http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=726841&postcount=1665
  21. What's up musers from around the world! My name is Wallo and I have a band here in Brazil called Nuclei, and it happens to be HEAVILY influenced by old Muse (OoS to Resistace, mainly). "But ooh Wallo, you are brazilian, don't you sing in portuguese?" Well, actually, we don't. "But ooh Wallo it just sound like a ripoff!" Well... some people may feel like this and I can't do anything... BUT if you happen to like our songs, my job here is more than done. I will leave here our single for the last EP we released: Ympc7DXnWAo Give me your thoughts, tell me what you liked and what you didn't, I'm all ears. =D (Quick Update) We already released 2 eps this year, the first one (Wake Up) in february and the second one (Debris Field) in june. There are 10 sons to be listened to (and PLEASE COMMENT HERE YOUR THOUGHTS) You can find us on most of the music networks such as spotify, deezer, apple music, google play and else, just search for Nuclei or nucleibr. But I'll leave the most importante ones here: Spotify: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/nucleibr Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nucleibr (since we are brazilians, posts are in portuguese) Instagram: @nucleibr Website: http://www.nucleibr.com
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