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  1. Anyone willing to share their code by PM once they used it ? I’ve never received mine... thanks
  2. Thanks! I contacted them but no answer yet... Hope it's not too late..
  3. Where did you send a request ? I have not received my code although I pre ordered the album long ago Thanks!
  4. Same here. I never received the pre sale code for the Royal albert Hall concert although I pre ordered the CD. I sent an email but they never answered... I feel it’s going to be the same tomorrow
  5. Someone posted In Ear Monitors recording of the SBE show ! I always wonder how they get these... Record the unencrypted (?) wireless signal maybe ?
  6. I agree, last night was amazing! One of the best setlist I have ever seen! Especially that intro Assassin into Deadstar into Muscle Museum
  7. Nice! Happy Birthday! Yes that captcha thing makes all the difference. If you're unlucky to have it then you lose precious seconds...
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