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Hey guys I have recently purchased a Digitech Rp355


I have made myself a rough Muse-y patch that is more Matts OoS-Absolution tone but I would rather have individual patches for each song. So...


anyone know any good rp355 patches? or a good way to convert older rp patches (rp250, 255, 350, etc) which I have tried doing and failed :/


Thanks for anyone who considers reading my post

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Ive been trying to get Close to Newborn and Stockholm Distortion( Haarp LIVE versions), but no dice, all I came up with was 3 different New born tap Solos lol. I have a Line 6 Spider IV, Digitech Whammy IV, and FF. help.

PS I tried the previous suggestions, but I think you guys are all using better amps than mine so its probably different for me. anyone with Line 6s help?

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