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I need to work a bit on my hysteria tone for my band.

Currently im using fuzz and amps gain for intro and chorus and a little phaser for the bridge/pre solo.


The solo itself i need some help with. The solo in general is much more clean than other parts right? And delay for part 2?

My gear is line 6 pod hd and vox ac 30c2.

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Hi, i just what to know the effects used in Supremacy and Madness Solo? the live versions are very heavy, fuzzy but not the typical fuzz i heard from matt before..


thanks. :)


I can get them both with a more warm fuzz sound. Neck pickup and shit.

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i cant find the sweet spot fuzz in the live versions of Madness Solo and Supremacy. :LOL:

its like a super tight fuzz.


im not really into the plug in baby fuzz. but when i heard the live version solo of madness and supremacy that change it all. i love that tone.

Even the new live versions of supermassive blackhole fuzz has been changed to that super tight fuzz. hehe

i think first time i hear that fuzz tone is on the Guiding Light solo


btw. do you think matt used the fuzz factory into the keeley fuzz ?

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