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  1. This forum Yes my question may have been pretty 'brainless' to someone like yourself, but perhaps you'd like to meet the fact that people do not know as much as you with a bit less arrogance? I appreciate the fact you shared your knowledge, but is there really any need to be so obnoxious? I fail to see how noob is humorous. It's not 2002 any more. The bolded part is what I effectively said. So I really don't see your problem.
  2. Wow... I was merely referring to the noobing comment. No need to go on such an attack. But worry not! Next time I'll remember that I'm not worthy of your time Although factually incorrect, it was a good effort. 6.5/10.
  3. No worries Ah right, interesting. I find the volume between the pickups in my Yamaha Pacifica differs a little too much. I think that's probably because it's a Pacifica
  4. Question regarding the volume of my rig... Alright. I'm currently running my guitars through several pedals and into the clean channel of a Marshall solid state amp (or a 5w single channel valve amp). I have Fuzz, Overdrive, Clean Boost and Distortion, as well as Delay and Wah. My problem is that I can never get a consistent volume level out of my gear. If one thing needs to go up, I end up having to tweak all of the pedals and the amp to get it all around the same level. Are there any quick fixes to this? I have an effects loop build into the Marshall if that's any help. I also have an expression pedal (which I've just tried to use for volume but my amps don't have an expression pedal output). I've also thought about buying a compressor, but I'm not sure how effective that'd be. For the record, what is the purpose of an effects loop and why would I use one? IntelligentAl - Do you find you have a noticeable difference in volume between the p'ups in your HSS Strat?
  5. I'm after a new [cheap] humbucker for my Yamaha Pacifica. Axes R Us have a few, not sure about the quality.Has anyone tried them?[LINK]. Open to other ideas/second hand. I'm after something fairly high output. Think MBK2 without the price tag...
  6. Hope no one minds me bumping this. I've got an EHX Little Big Muff Pi and I'm trying to get a sound out of it similar to Matt's in Plug In Baby, as well as the sound in Supermassive Black Hole. Whilst I'm aware it's not the ideal pedal to achieve said sounds, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in getting anything remotely close to them. Cheers
  7. True... It looks fine, will post a photo sometime, Yeah the E string is completely falling out of the nut and off of the neck. Admittedly, the strings I'm using are only 9s.
  8. nope, the nut is towards the tuners, the bridge is the other end Doubtful, it's never happened on my other guitars, or any other guitar I've ever played...
  9. Interesting. The current nut looks fine, I'm not sure what's causing the strings to slip out of place. When playing, it slips out more often when picking at the bridge, if that makes any difference. I really should have taken a photo before ripping the strings off in rage
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