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  1. Uh. ya, that it is. I couldn't be arsed to trawl around for a safe version of the most up to date version, I just wanted something that could do what was mentioned concerning MOTP with the vocoder
  2. Yeah, I personally wouldn't buy a Molten MIDI, as I cannot think of anything but Map that I would use it for. Whereas computers do a lot more.
  3. Cheers! Never used Ableton before (more of a Cubase guy myself) but it shouldn't be too hard to get done, been looking for a new MOTP sound as the quality I get from GR's pitch shifting is pretty bad. And yes, the Whammy is all that's required money-wise, I mean, you need to get something like Cubase, Ableton, or Reaper, but those can be, ah, acquired, if you know what I mean
  4. 1. Is this method doable in Ableton Live 8.0.4? 2. If so, could you do a brief tutorial on how to achieve what you did? 3. Probably should have asked this first, but, did you use a hardware vocoder, or a software one that is/is not included with Ableton?
  5. There was a guy on YT who had a link to the MIDI file download, but the link's long been broken it seems. The file itself isn't that difficult to make yourself, so long as you know the octave patterns for the song (1 main one, 1 variation) You can use a sequencer in Guitar Rig too, but it's overall more easy and less time consuming to make an accurate one in Cubase or Reaper or something
  6. Ya, I get how to do it now Just a bit awkward on my fingers for some reason
  7. Just realized what you said, at first I misread and thought you were saying what was said before (1st finger on 8th fret, barre with ring finger across B, G and D) Your method is somewhat easier, but it's still gonna take some time to feel natural like other chords
  8. And you can form the chords that way quickly? In time with the song? To me it's fiddly and a squeeze
  9. Am I just being really stupid here? Whenever I try and barre for these chords, the barring finger seems to deaden the 8th fret e string, they're like root 5th Major barre chords, only the fingering is reversed, which makes it hard for me
  10. I did try that, it's dead awkward, and I'm not a total chord n00b, I have no problem with barre chords, is it just one of those things that will take time to get down?
  11. So it's just me then >.< I just find my 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers get squished a lot when forming those chords, so much so it's damn near impossible to form them in time, do you finger them like this? (from e to d) 1st finger, 2nd finger, 3rd finger, 4th finger?
  12. So, I've been learning Invincible lately, and parts of it confuse me, or rather, the tabs do: 1. In the 2nd verse, is it just power chords? One tab says so, and the only decent cover of the song on Youtube does too (I think) 2. The 2nd chorus, the chords that the tabs indicate seem impossible to form: E|-----------8---------| |-----------10--------| B|-----10--10-10---| |-----12--12--12---| G|---10--10-----10-| |---12--12------12-| D|-10-----------------| |-12------------------| A|---------------------| |-----------------------| E|---------------------| |-----------------------| Is it just me, or are those chords not fingerable (Yes, that's totally a word ) by regular human hands?
  13. How long have you been playing? When I started out, I worked on some basic scales, chords, and picking excercises to build up my finger strength and dexterity a bit. I wouldn't say this is compulsory, but it certainly helps. After this, or if you do just wanna jump straight in to playing songs, I wouldn't recommend Stockholm Syndrome, it's not the easiest song to learn technique wise if you havem't been playing too long. Try these to begin with: Time is Running Out, Supermassive Black Hole, Exo-Politics, Starlight
  14. It usually takes quite a while for backing tracks to start roaming around the internet, Supremacy's is only around a year old, so I doubt there will be anything floating around already. I did a rough cover of Supremacy with a MIDI keyboard for the orchestral parts, sure, it won't sound exactly like the real deal, but it's better than nothing. Obviously you won't be able to work out every last violin, trumpet etc, but if you really need an orchestral backing track, you should be able to work out enough to get by
  15. Haha I meant besides the obvious Whammy option, but I suppose you're right in saying it's pointless buying a synth just for a more realistic sounding MOTP sound. Is there anything else worth noting Matt uses the Clavia for? If i was to buy one, or something similar, what else would it be able to do, that would justify buying a synth?
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