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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Muse/comments/b2zno3/from_mansons_facebookcould_these_be_matts/ Dunno mate. I still haven't figured out what the yes/no switch on the floyd rose guitars does. 🤔
  2. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    It might have the wrong program change CCs. I know the whammy 4 and 5 don't match what's in the manual (at least mine don't) and I have to subtract 1 from them, so I did the same for the DT. Maybe that's not the case. Does it start on -2 octave?
  3. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    Which whammy are you using? I've tested it with the 4 and 5, but don't have a DT. Only difference is the program change CCs
  4. Just saw some pictures of one. A bit nice really. 🤔
  5. I didn't realize I would get a notification for every post you make. This is amazing!
  6. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    Is that the file that's floating around in a certain facebook group? It shouldn't be happening with that one And I know why it's doing it. It's just that I can't figure out how to transfer the automation data properly. Even importing the MIDI file back into Logic gives the same result... (see example below) it seems to be a function that the DAW is responsible for, which isn't actually saved to a MIDI file.
  7. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    Perfect opportunity to use the #NotForSale hashtag but I declined the message. Also, anyone using cubase for this? Trying to transfer the MIDI file to a cubase project, but haven't figured out how to import the automation properly. Program changes seem to be fine though.
  8. @Bs that's not how you tag people Also, only just noticed the MB-1's X-Y pad pulses in time with unsustainable. Coincidence?
  9. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    It's uploaded here actually. Might be the fact that I took the video on my iPhone 8 and that Yeah, you can sort of get away with using the whammy before the fuzz factory, but you need a buffer of sorts between the two. It still doesn't work the same as it does when in front of everything else though. I don't know what was used in the actual recording - it certainly sounds like a direct fuzz factory, but for all I know he might have profiled it onto the kemper first. Maybe that's why there's still oscillation in the background even with the guitar being played.
  10. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    Thanks Bs, that's the next best thing to being #JaicenApproved. I'll take it. Five minutes? Bs, you got booted from that library. You shouldn't be stealing their wifi either. How did I do it? Well... the 'making of' video was key in knowing what to actually play, and that helped figure out how to set the whammy up. Though it wasn't quite as simple as that, so a fair bit of trial and error was involved. As for the sound, I haven't quite got that down. In the video it's a fuzz factory going direct, though there's some other stuff going on to make it work a bit better going after the whammy. It doesn't sound right when placed before, and when simply placed after, it just sounds bad. So I'm still experimenting with that.
  11. That's four of us then Or has Dave left again? Why thank you. And why on earth did you do that? Especially with those perks available... đŸ¤Ģ
  12. james90

    The Muse/Non-Muse Cover Thread

    Posting this here because K&T ignored it but definitely saw it as well. 🖕☹ī¸đŸ–• (love you really... all three of you) But yes, here's the main bit from Unsustainable. Haven't completed the middle section of the MIDI track yet, so not a full cover. midi.mp4
  13. I do like that. A bit like the last chorus in Hysteria, though that's a bit more subtle Here's the isolated track too. Starts at 3:11
  14. Any day around today you mean, as in... March 3rd? @Bs