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  1. Thanks - yeah, saw that the other day. A bit strange that MGW isn't mentioned in the article even once... pretty sure the pictures are from them as well, but Mind Music Labs is credited. 😕
  2. Just a thought, but if you all are able to access your muse.mu account (I gather many are having issues with this) did any of you have this box ticked when the emails went out and still not receive one? I'm not sure whether this includes ticket pre-sale codes or not.
  3. My thoughts are that he's going to expand his own signature line at the very least. Maybe offer further variation at different price levels. As for a bass series, no idea - especially since that one was a gift. Though the DH-1 was a gift too, and that's available to purchase. Do feel free to discuss the guitars themselves in the K&T thread too - only saying that since Bs has left us and there's far less content to say the least... Happy to leave this thread here since it's more about the company itself. Also, nice post from Tom Morello: Cheeky fun fact: the vinyl lettering on that guitar was made by our very own @musecasters and @rust_relic
  4. james90

    AF Guitars

    Damn. I guess if it's going to be your last build (does that include #ByRequest?) then that should be the one. Even if it's blue, which is what everyone does 😉 What are the extra circuits/switching options? On a side note, a matt black MoC type guitar (the one with the floyd rose) popped up for sale on eBay recently... sold for £150, though that's probably because the seller said he was removing the pickups before sending. That or more people know the history of that guitar than I thought.
  5. Yes, actually. I heard one of their new songs the other day, though haven't really been keeping track for the most part. What do you think?
  6. Wouldn't the obvious choice be matt black? Only semi joking, as I do like #NoneMoreBlack bomber they finished up recently. But what about something like this? There's also the Full Metal Jacket finish:
  7. Like this? Might look a bit better with an actual paint finish. That isn't photoshopped.
  8. Did I break K&T (and the entire board for that matter) by posting my not quite 1000000000% correct version? Working on the middle section of the song and it's equally as challenging. I also made a little video showing the automation and whammy program changes, but #NotForSale and that. You can find the cringeworthy edited version if you look hard enough though.
  9. That moment when you hear Buck Rogers start playing... it can only mean one thing...
  10. I like them. Curious if a holoflake version will be out at some point, but guessing not, since the previous ones were anniversary models. It does seem to make sense going for a neck humbucker route - far more options than a strat type single coil. Plus they're more MB now.
  11. 🤔 Not sure if I should give an opinion before seeing the rest of this list.
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