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  1. Did I break K&T (and the entire board for that matter) by posting my not quite 1000000000% correct version? Working on the middle section of the song and it's equally as challenging. I also made a little video showing the automation and whammy program changes, but #NotForSale and that. You can find the cringeworthy edited version if you look hard enough though.
  2. Number of Tickets: 1 Type of Ticket: Reserved Seating Date of Show: Saturday 01 June 2019 Venue/City: London Stadium Price for all Tickets: £100 Price for each Ticket: £100 Postage Options: PDF print-out ticket, so I'll have to email it to you. I already have it saved (only just became available to download) Payment Options: PayPal only. Sending as a purchase is fine (I won't ask for extra to cover the fees) Other Information: Location is Block 107, Row 11, Seat 336. I'll mention that this is one of those overpriced platinum tickets (best option at the time, as I purchased it a while after) so the face value is higher than what I'm asking. I realize I'm not located in the UK (was meant to come over for this) but can send a screenshot of the confirmation email before any payment is sent. Send me a message if interested.
  3. That moment when you hear Buck Rogers start playing... it can only mean one thing...
  4. I like them. Curious if a holoflake version will be out at some point, but guessing not, since the previous ones were anniversary models. It does seem to make sense going for a neck humbucker route - far more options than a strat type single coil. Plus they're more MB now.
  5. 🤔 Not sure if I should give an opinion before seeing the rest of this list.
  6. Even though those were old posts, they deserved to be recognized! Yeah I hear what you mean. Thing is that the fuzz really has to be turned up (and boosted with another pedal) to get the low notes sounding right, but the unwanted sounds are amplified more. It's a bit much, but I haven't figured out a better way to do it...yet This is news to me. But then the only album I actually own is Polythene Why wouldn't I mention Buck Rogers? If someone asked me to describe what one of your posts enriching digital monologues were made of... Well, you know what the answer is... don't you? Because I really don't mind telling you... 🤭
  7. Sorted. But then @nerd herd already knew that I made this to impress my bff @Bs anyway...he's out there somewhere. Probably in a library watching videos that are considered not safe for the library. Like the buck rogers music video. Bs.mp4
  8. I think I have an extra US power supply that I can send you for some Irn Bru Xtra. Will throw in the six Boss OC-3s I received for Christmas last year as well. #naughtylist And that's odd. The automation looks like it should...at least for being an older version that isn't 100000000% correct You set both tracks up the same way for your interface yes? Unless one of the tracks got moved by accident (you should see one for automation and one for program changes) then I can only guess that it's a setting related to the interface. Did you change any of those settings? If not, I might have to look into it - I did change the default channel on my whammy 5, so that might have been copied over to the DT file somehow. You shouldn't be getting any communication between the computer and pedal if that was incorrect though. I think Karl also said something similar was happening with the glitchy sound and his DT, so might be good to discuss it in the thread with him as well.
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/Muse/comments/b2zno3/from_mansons_facebookcould_these_be_matts/ Dunno mate. I still haven't figured out what the yes/no switch on the floyd rose guitars does. 🤔
  10. It might have the wrong program change CCs. I know the whammy 4 and 5 don't match what's in the manual (at least mine don't) and I have to subtract 1 from them, so I did the same for the DT. Maybe that's not the case. Does it start on -2 octave?
  11. Which whammy are you using? I've tested it with the 4 and 5, but don't have a DT. Only difference is the program change CCs
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