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  1. Pics or it didn't etc.. Seriously, I don't think I've seen any roast maple necks yet, how's it look?
  2. I am, it's ALL about the phase. You really have to pay attention to your mic positioning. Try summing both signals to mono, as you move the mic around, you'll hear the low end get weaker where the signals are out of phase. That could be a useful effect if you reverse the polarity (of the neutron flow?) to get the bass to sum, in a similar way you would blend in a rear mic from an open back cab to get more beeeeeef.
  3. I don't like any of the versions tbh. I don't think they sound bad, just not for me. James has a Sludgymuff I made that's not bad, but the stock version is vile.
  4. Well, he is mic'ing up speaker cabs.. I don't know if he is using powered Kempers or if there's an actual amp blended in. Either way, he is 'technically' using amps.. Nerd_herd, do tell...
  5. I'd say his tone has improved post the 2nd Law tour. He is at least now using an amp instead of just the Kemper. I concede however, it is a somewhat generic tone for the most part now. I miss the old DSL and VH4 days.
  6. Throwing it back to 2001, does anyone have a Tab for Matt's guitar part in the live version verses of Darkshines? He isn't playing the open position chords he played on the album version.
  7. Typically mirror 'acrylic' is actually polycarbonate. It is quite heavy, relative to say a light wood. It's about twice as dense as something like Mahogany (S. Macrophylla ~650kgm3), and almost three times the weight of the typical swamp ash or Alder you'd find in a guitar (<500kgm3), accepting that both of those can be found at weights of 800kgm3 or more too. A 3mm mirror top would add something like 300-400g to the weight of a guitar, assuming the thickenss remains the same. One thing it's not though, is brittle. It's a very, very tough material that's used for ballistic resistance.
  8. Maybe it's also layered with the Diezel?
  9. That's awesome, do you have any work in progress pictures? It's not the one that had the three piece maple neck with ebony strips is it?
  10. Damn. Do we think the Drones film will ever get a full release now?? Looking unlikely with the new album about to drop
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