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Citizen Erased, it's still overrated though


The recorded one isn't as good as the live versions.


I recently discovered the awesomness of The Gallery, Jimmy Kane and In Your World(I always kinda knew In Your World was brilliant, just didn't listen to it much).

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Sober :happy:


Yeah! Sober rocks! It's my top played song in iTunes and is definately one of my faves!


At the moment it would be Falling Down.


Me too, I discovered a new found appreciation for this song when I was walking home, in the pouring rain, with soggy feet, feeling sorry for myself then Falling Down came on my iPod and it cheered me right up! :D

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The first song of muse i ever heard was fillip, and i liked it, but stoped to listen to it after i bought OoS and BhaR. My english wasnt so good when i first listened to it (its not so good now either) and i didnt understand all the words. Now i thinks this song is a great song.

The other song that i recently rediscovered it's awesomeness is Take a Bow. Again, the english thing, i didnt understand it. Now i really love it, its one of my favourite muse songs.

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For me its Uno...

i never listened to the old old stuff, but i was on a video downloading spree, downloaded all their old video clips, watched it, was like "hmm this ain't half bad"

now i listen to it before any other muse song in shuffle :D

i also had my MOTP phase... and my KoC phase... and my City of Delusion phase... and the piano solo in Butterflies and Hurricanes phase

(my fav song changes often....)

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