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  1. Haven't played the Fender but I can vouch for the Vox. The valvetronix are fantastic amps with lots of models and effects whilst keeping a great tone.
  2. I can't speak for the pedal you have but the GNX distortions don't sound that good, I used to use amp distortion and mix in a VERY small amount of distortion from the pedal if I wanted it a little bit fuzzy. One way I found a good sort of fuzzy crunch is by using the flanger with very low settings.
  3. All I'm imagining seeing that is an effects chain I guess it's not justifiable now... probably just me, I'm incredibly lazy
  4. Suddenly £350 to get someone else to do it seems justifiable
  5. I'm not saying all floor multi-fx are crap, I've never tried enough to judge, just Digitech I hate. I've also heard good things about the Line 6 too! I'd only like a rackmount as they tend to have many more options and could be used with MIDI controllers.
  6. I've had it for nigh on 4 years now... trust me I will never use multifx again unless it's a decent rackmount... I'd rather not cheers I'm buying individual pedals now Still have fun and I wish you all the best with it
  7. I hate Digitech's multi-fx.. I got the GNX4 pedalboard which is bloody useless... payed £300 just for a fucking whammy
  8. I would've thought enamel will look like paint and chrome like metal... wouldn't screw up a project like that unless I truly wanted that finish
  9. Oh sweet... be sure to post many pics when it's done... definately think you should save up for a proper chrome job
  10. I'm no expert never having done this but chrome spray will not be the same as chrome plating... I'd save up or finish the glitter
  11. I spoke to Tim at the weekend about getting him to do a custom and he agreed to do a custom shape. Gonna go for a Tele-shape with more circular base like a Peavey with smaller horns, mahogany body, birdseye maple neck w/ birdseye fretboard, trem with piezo and killswitch all for around £2000 probably more by the time we actually plan it... Still sounds like a bargain to me!
  12. I ideally want a higher output in the bridge but I'm gonna have to try some out in different positions to find what I want
  13. Hey guys, I'm getting custom build in a few months and really need to decide on pickups. Haven't tried anything out yet just looked around the net. I thought I wanted the BKP Motherbucker in the bridge until I read what was said on here about it :/ My other choices for bridge were Rio Grande Crunchbox, BKP Nailbomb or BKP Warpig. Also I'd like for the neck pickup to give a nice warm, glassy stratocaster-esque tone, what's everyone's thoughts on BKP Mississippi Queen? or Rio Grande Jazzbar? ^^ All previous Bellamy pickups but they seem to be what I like Also gotta point out the body will be Mahogany and the neck Birdseye Maple Any other suggestions and demos you can direct me to would be helpful. Cheers
  14. Did you think about changing the pickups to a warmer set rather than a whole new body? If you want a new body get something that resonates well like Mahogany, Basswood or Rosewood
  15. Liamoc123

    Amp Advice

    You haven't said whether you want valve or solid state... You'd be hard pushed finding any valve amp for that... maybe a low power head but you said you wanted 100-150w... Could get a combo but the most you'd be likely to get is 1 or 2 speakers. I had the Peavey Valveking Head which was around £350 but you need a cab too. Maybe need to shell out a bit more to get something worth your money and your needs dude.
  16. Ruled by Secrecy is actually very simple, the verses and choruses are just arpeggios on both hands and the solo is just chords played with both hands... I really can't work out why Matt used that take for the album. I'd say about grade 5-6??
  17. Showbiz: Cave Origin of Symmetry: New Born Absolution: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Black Holes and Revelations: City of Delusion Hullabaloo: Dead Star B-Sides: Coma
  18. Multi-fx is good for a first. Make sure it's decent so you can get some sort of idea of what pedals you may want to get later on. I have the Digitech GNX4 http://www.digitech.com/products/GNX4/ which is great but I wish I had bought this http://www.digitech.com/products/multi-effects/gsp1101.php as there is no need for Amp models unless you run the pedal straight to a power amp.
  19. Clean has a nice subtle bluesey sound which rings with the bright button pressed in. Overdrive channel rings bright too, tried a basic metal tone with no mids and doesn't work too well. Can't really try it as much as I wanted to as I have a few weeks until I can afford a cab but play it a couple of times a week at rehearsal.
  20. Bought this down Tin Pan Alley yesterday, great valve sound and cheap considering!
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