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Darkshines was a love at first sight for me hehe. Everytime the piano bashing is over i always rewind it :p *eargasms*


I used to skip Screenager a lot, but I really like it now esp the piano version on Hullabaloo. Crazy piano! Matt breaks all the rules. Or so it seems.

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Nature_1 - Never noticed it much, but now really like this song

Space Dementia - Didn't appreciate it as much as I do now

Citizen Erased - Im now starting to get why people like this track so much

Muscle Museum - Always hated this song but am starting to warm to it

Showbiz - Didn't listen to it much untill I saw the live performance where they chuck their equipment in the sea...

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Yay! Did you hear AP post-Earls'Court or pre-Earls'Court? The former is much better hands down because of the drumbeat during the electronic bridges.


I don't know really :LOL:

A friend of mine just gave me a file which she found somewhere off the Internet :LOL:


I'd love to hear all of their songs live... So far I've heard only those from Hullabaloo and this one... And a cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off You... Yeah... I think that's it :(

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