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    Music, Art (painting and collages), surfin the net and stuff, playing (sister's) electric guitar
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    The Killers
    Kings of Leon
    Franz Ferdinand
    The Strokes
    The Hives
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    Pirates of the Carribean, The Matrix, Hot Fuzz, Mean Girls, Back to The Future, Sleepy Hollow, Little Miss Sunshine, Fight Club, quite a variety....
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    Heroes, Lost, Ugly Betty, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Extras, The Simpsons, Top Gear
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    Harry Potter
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    Hullabaloo DVD, Absolution DVD, everything else is all in mp3 apart from HAARP CD/DVD and The Resistance CD/DVD
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    o2 Arena, London Thurs 12/11/2009 and now Wembley Stadium, London 2010!
  1. achi

    Happy Birthday Melissa! :party::dance: :party:Wishing you all the best. :) Have a wonderful day. :D:kiss:

  2. achi

    Thank you Melissa! :happy: Shall we call it a fully loaded day at work :ohmy::LOL: (It turned out to be that way..hehe..but tis all good! :) ) Treated Mom after work at a Japanese restaurant..coz we're too hungry from work :chuckle::D I just check on here once in a while..Muse is Muse anyway..the love still remains:LOL::chuckle:


    You take care too hun. Thanks again. (hah..don't worry about the PM:LOL: ) Speak to you soon :D

  3. Mel64

    Happy Birthday Grace!! :party: Hope you've had a brilliant day on your birthday!:D

    It's been a while since I've been on here....but don't worry I still freaking love Muse the same as always!:LOL:

    Take care & speak soon hun xxx (I will reply to your PM soon, promise!!!:rolleyes::chuckle:)

  4. achi

    Happy Happy Birthday dear Melissa!:party::happy: :party:Hope this year's celebration would be as great as the previous years. Wishing you all the best. Speak to you soon. Mwaahhugz:kiss:

  5. achi

    Hah:LOL: Nothing to worry about.I guess we're not on the board much often now...either that's a success or fail:eek::LOL: I bet you had a wonderful celebration.:happy: I'm fine,thanks. Will try to do the PM this weekend...fingers crossed:$:p:LOL: Take care too Melissa!:kiss:

  6. I had already submitted mine but I don't think it submitted properly as after while I was searching other entries it managed to submit my search which was "pub"...Great. Thats now my entry...
  7. Mel64

    Thanks Grace! Just saw your message on here like over a week after my birthday!:LOL: Thankyou:happy:<3 Hehe nice Hurts referencing, true:yesey:its such a wonderful life, and it feels better than love!(/ok ending it there:LOL:) Hope all is well with you hun:) take care:kiss:

  8. Happy Birthday! :party:

  9. achi

    Happy Happy Birthday Melissa!:happy::party::happy: Wishing you happiness and a wonderful life. (two hurts song rolled into one sentence...haha..I'm so lame:LOL::$ ) All the best dear! :kiss:

  10. Mel64

    Happy Christmas Grace!:xmas: Hope you had a great day with lots of fun & celebrations! Hehe no need to worry about replying straight away! Enjoy the rest of this festive season:party: lots of luv:kiss:

  11. achi

    Merry Christmas Melissa!Hope you're having lots of fun on this holiday season.:party:I would reply on the PM before the year ends..I've just been very busy at work..boo..meh. Hugs and kisses :kiss: Happy Holidays:xmas:

  12. Had a dream the other night where I was at a really small Muse gig in some pub...I was watching from the side of the stage up on a swing() when Matt pointed at me mid gig and asked what song I wanted!! For some reason I couldn't decide so he stepped off stage and came up to help me but I just ended up reeling off a list of songs as I kept changing my mind while he just laughed at me:LOL:
  13. Mel64

    Funny Moments

    Can't remember what station it was, but was on the way to Wembley Park on the metropolitan line
  14. Mel64

    Funny Moments

    Haha yes! A massive bunch of rowdy musers managed to empty a whole tube train and confuse everyone by shouting that it doesn't go to Wembley & not to get on! Then right at the last second deciding to rush onto the the train and everyone else followed suit while they chanted Muse songs on the way:LOL:
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