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Found 8 results

  1. Over the years I've heard; Muscle Museum Showbiz Sunburn Unintended Bliss Hysteria New Born Citizen Erased Plug in Baby Microcuts Space Dementia Feeling Good Ruled by Secrecy Sing for Absolution Butterflies & Hurricanes Time is Running Out Apocalypse Please The Small Print Stockholm Syndrome Blackout Thoughts of a Dying Aethiest Knights Of Cydonia Supermassive Black Hole Map Of The Problematique Invincible Starlight Take A Bow Hoodoo City of Delusion Soldiers Poem DES (Glorious) The Groove Man Of Mystery Forced In V 04, Earls Court 04, Reading 06 & Wembley 07 Pretty good range me thinks Though I'd love to hear Map of Your Head.. Doubt it'll ever happen!
  2. Supremacy Bliss Panic Station Supermassive Black Hole Uprising Madness Map Of The Problematique Butterflies & Hurricanes United States Of Eurasia Apocalypse Please Sunburn Dracula Mountain Animals Interlude Hysteria Liquid State Starlight Follow Me Time Is Running Out Knights Of Cydonia Blackout Dead Star Stockholm Syndrome Take A Bow The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Plug In Baby Survival
  3. Y'know, by which I mean you get bored of a song or just don't listen to it, and suddenly it comes on and you listen to it, and you realise how great it is/was! For me it's been: The Small Print: Skipped it lots Stockholm Syndrome: I got annoyed with the riff at the start, I thought it started things too slowly. Now I find the willpower to wait it out. Apocalypse Please: Largely because of the 'Why does everyone bum Apocalypse Please?' thread. You must have some!
  4. ...what performances and songs would you put on it? I was reading a few days ago about U22, a live album U2 made for their 360 tour; all the performances on the album were voted for by messageboard fans, who could pick from all of songs in all of the stadium gigs on the tour (or something like that). This got me thinking - if you had to make a T2L tour live album or a BH&R live album for example (with complete choice of songs and gigs), what would yours look like?
  5. Which songs do well at pumping up the crowd in the beginning, and ending the concert with a bang? I think they made a smart choice using Unsustainable the opener, because it really does get the crowd ready for what's about to come up. Though, I think one of their epics like KoC should be the closer.
  6. Two of Muse's more "pop-py" songs. As I find it, response is sharply divided amongst fans, some condemning and some lauding (either of them, or both). Which do you prefer? (And sorry, there's no "Neither" option. ) I actually like them both, but if I had to choose, I'd probably go with "Starlight". It's one of Muse's best songs, IMO and I'm forever in love with that background music at 1:43 - 1:58. "Madness", on the other hand, is just a decent turn of events from their sixth studio album, different from the other "louder" songs from the album.
  7. What's everybodies thoughts on what songs will return to the stadium tour: either being rotated or being played every night? I reckon: Butterflies & hurricanes Take a bow Eurasia-although I still think it will be played this tour Unnatural selection I'm really hoping for either micro cuts or deadtar but think I'm in dreamland.
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