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Recently went on a splurge to find newer music to listen to - I am 65 and a 70s-80s rock hound - and came across Muse. I know, I know - they have been around for awhile! Just started with "Uprising", "Supermassive Black Hole", "Psycho" (really loved all 3) - my all-time favorite is "Madness" off the 2nd Law CD. Still don't know band members names but the singer is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME on "Madness"!!!!

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Been listening to a lot of Muse the last few days, after not listening to them so much for the last 3 or 4 years. Some thoughts I've had:

United States of Eurasia is one of the weirdest and most unique songs they've done. The Chopin outro is really beautiful.

I've been a bit too harsh on Drones. It's still my least fav album of theirs but even the bad songs have redeeming qualities. I like the guitars and synths in the Mercy pre-choruses even though the rest of the song is quite tedious to me. The Psycho riff is still cool even though many aspects of that song bother me. 

Starlight is still a great pop song. Iirc it's the first song of theirs I heard as a kid, and despite how overplayed it was and its reputation as a lull at their live gigs it's a beautiful and catchy song. Resistance as well. Matt's voice in the "Take us away from here, protect us from further harm, resistance" gives me chills.

Follow Me is much better than I remember. It's very much a product of the early 2010s EDM trend but the vocal melodies are good, the synth arpeggios are tight, and it makes me nostalgic for that time. 

Overall their music is often extremely dramatic, bombastic, and over the top which isn't usually my taste, but they somehow pull it off. It's crazy to me that Survival was the official London 2012 theme (I mean it's lyrics include I am prepared / to stay alive / I won't forgive / vengeance is mine). But they also really know when to have restraint and be more subtle, at least in the first 5 albums (SFA, Shine acoustic, Blackout, Unintended, Exo 3, Screenager).

I thought I had mostly moved on from Muse as my favourite band, but they're still up there and probably always will be, and I can't wait to see them live someday.


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Listening to Absolution on vinyl right now,  some songs  in, I realise how good Sing for  absolution and Falling away with  you are!!  (btw, I just bought a new cartridge system 😅

amazing! I‘ve never heard this album in THIS quality… 😎👍



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