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    Ema. Film Student. Melbourne. Evermore.
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    Film, TV, Concerts, Partying, Drinking, Making Friends
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    Film Student.
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    Evermore. Muse. Green Day. Coldplay. U2. Michael Jackson. Queen. John Lennon. End of Fashion. Sundance Kids.
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    Green Mile. Slumdog Millionaire. Benjamin Button. Forrest Gump. Turner and Hooch. Philadelphia.
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    Spicks and Specks. Supernatural.
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    Harry Potter, Anything based on a true story, crime novels
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    I own all of the CDs and DVDs.
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    Saw Muse At the Big Day Out 07, And Rod Laver Arena on the 15th of November 2007. Also saw bands such as: Green Day, Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance, The Living End, End Of Fashion, Gyroscope, Red Riders, Kisschasy
  1. Hey emma, i saw yr ticket on musebay and was wondering if it's still available? And are you willing to sell it for the price you bought it for? Cheers.

  2. Wow long time no speak!! How are you? and thanks!!

  3. happy birthday!! :D:party:

  4. happy birthday emaaaaaaaaaa-hugs-<3

  5. I'd actually consider swapping my first night standing for a second night standing .. but how many people want to buy seated tickets for second night ? ahh well, I'll just go to and enjoy both nights I guess
  6. Got a standing to the first night and a seated one for the second night. My friends are going standing for the second night. /fail. Ah well. I gets to go to Museeee
  7. Is it weird that it'd be just as awesome to get a photo with kirky and morgan as it would with the others ? Wooo musers day! I still haven't met people ...
  8. Hahaha a photo with Kirky would be awesome We can still meet up in the morning or something .. Iunno
  9. Aww How am I going to meet everyone if we are in different sections .. We need a melbourne meet ..
  10. It sucks that this pre sale wasn't exclusive to the fans .. I wonder how many GA tickets they had ..
  11. General is going to be a bitch to get .. much harder then presale.
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