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  1. Haven't played the Fender but I can vouch for the Vox. The valvetronix are fantastic amps with lots of models and effects whilst keeping a great tone.
  2. Does it come with a fukz faktoree for epic mett bell0rzmy tonez?
  3. I can't speak for the pedal you have but the GNX distortions don't sound that good, I used to use amp distortion and mix in a VERY small amount of distortion from the pedal if I wanted it a little bit fuzzy. One way I found a good sort of fuzzy crunch is by using the flanger with very low settings.
  4. All I'm imagining seeing that is an effects chain I guess it's not justifiable now... probably just me, I'm incredibly lazy
  5. Suddenly £350 to get someone else to do it seems justifiable
  6. I'm not saying all floor multi-fx are crap, I've never tried enough to judge, just Digitech I hate. I've also heard good things about the Line 6 too! I'd only like a rackmount as they tend to have many more options and could be used with MIDI controllers.
  7. I've had it for nigh on 4 years now... trust me I will never use multifx again unless it's a decent rackmount... I'd rather not cheers I'm buying individual pedals now Still have fun and I wish you all the best with it
  8. I hate Digitech's multi-fx.. I got the GNX4 pedalboard which is bloody useless... payed £300 just for a fucking whammy
  9. I would've thought enamel will look like paint and chrome like metal... wouldn't screw up a project like that unless I truly wanted that finish
  10. Oh sweet... be sure to post many pics when it's done... definately think you should save up for a proper chrome job
  11. I'm no expert never having done this but chrome spray will not be the same as chrome plating... I'd save up or finish the glitter
  12. I spoke to Tim at the weekend about getting him to do a custom and he agreed to do a custom shape. Gonna go for a Tele-shape with more circular base like a Peavey with smaller horns, mahogany body, birdseye maple neck w/ birdseye fretboard, trem with piezo and killswitch all for around £2000 probably more by the time we actually plan it... Still sounds like a bargain to me!
  13. I ideally want a higher output in the bridge but I'm gonna have to try some out in different positions to find what I want
  14. Hey guys, I'm getting custom build in a few months and really need to decide on pickups. Haven't tried anything out yet just looked around the net. I thought I wanted the BKP Motherbucker in the bridge until I read what was said on here about it :/ My other choices for bridge were Rio Grande Crunchbox, BKP Nailbomb or BKP Warpig. Also I'd like for the neck pickup to give a nice warm, glassy stratocaster-esque tone, what's everyone's thoughts on BKP Mississippi Queen? or Rio Grande Jazzbar? ^^ All previous Bellamy pickups but they seem to be what I like Also gotta point out the body will be Mahogany and the neck Birdseye Maple Any other suggestions and demos you can direct me to would be helpful. Cheers
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