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  1. Wow long time no speak!! How are you? and thanks!!

  2. I'd actually consider swapping my first night standing for a second night standing .. but how many people want to buy seated tickets for second night ? ahh well, I'll just go to and enjoy both nights I guess
  3. Got a standing to the first night and a seated one for the second night. My friends are going standing for the second night. /fail. Ah well. I gets to go to Museeee
  4. Is it weird that it'd be just as awesome to get a photo with kirky and morgan as it would with the others ? Wooo musers day! I still haven't met people ...
  5. Hahaha a photo with Kirky would be awesome We can still meet up in the morning or something .. Iunno
  6. Aww How am I going to meet everyone if we are in different sections .. We need a melbourne meet ..
  7. It sucks that this pre sale wasn't exclusive to the fans .. I wonder how many GA tickets they had ..
  8. General is going to be a bitch to get .. much harder then presale.
  9. I got my tickets! Hello 1x to Melbourne ! My friend can't get hers till 9:30 .. hopefully she gets them! I did it within a minute Speedy!
  10. I think you put the password in when you go to select quantity and such. Then you go on to put in your details Then you confirm!
  11. $130 .. Faaaarkkk.. Oh well . I can live with that Museeeee
  12. Cya on the barrier Does anyone think they will add shows? They have left pretty big gaps between the dates? *pleasesecondmelbourneshow**pleasesecondmelbourneshow*
  13. Wooo! Finally! Nice date choice, in the holidays and everything. Tickets are expensive, buuut one can live with that. I shall see you in Melbourne!
  14. I would of given it a 4 if it wasn't for Twilight. I like it, its quite a good song. Its pop, yes, but it's interesting.. and I like the beat and the piano. But yeah, the whole Twilight thing.. it drops back to a 2
  15. It's quite an alright video and the song isn't that bad either. But WHYYY must Twilight be associated with it.
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