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I always loved it and it was one of the first Muse songs i ever heard but recently ive been listening to it live and its just awesome live.


They should use it as one of their end songs much more, like before the encore similar to on the hulabaloo dvd. :)

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Eternally Missed :D


Not really a song that I "Rediscovered"... Just a song I recently discovered. I've been a fan for about 2 years, so I can't understand how I've never really listened to the song. I mean, I've heard the title.. but I think I just got it mixed up w/ Con-science and tbh, i cannot be bothered w/ that song.


My boyfriend made a mix CD of underground hip hop/reggae and my fav., Muse for whenever we go out since he knows I can't really stand his taste in music. (haha..I know interesting mix).. and he just so happened to have Eternally Missed on there. I guess he downloaded a whole bunch of stuff from Limewire.

I am SO in love w/ this song... :$

I think it's taken over the number one spot above Easily, Ruled by Secrecy and Glorious!

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