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  1. Am avoiding college work by indulging my love of Muse. Here's a shot at a 20 song setlist 1. (What's He Building Intro) Dead Star 2. The Small Print 3. SMBH 4. MK Ultra 5. Showbiz (+ ashamed outro) 6. Sing for Absolution 7. Forced in + Bliss (extended) 8. Butterflies and Hurricanes 9. Screenager (a la R+L '11 on electric) 10. Ruled by Secrecy 11. Citizen Erased 12. Falling Away with You (piano, morgan on electric for chorus) 13. (long intro on casinocaster) Resistance 14. Muscle Museum 15. SS + riff + riff ad nauseum ------ 16. New Born 17. Cave (piano version) 18. Space dementia (with guitar outro + riffage) ------ 19. Hate this and I'll Love you 20. Knights of Cydonia I'd like to point out that I think FAWY fits perfectly after CE, not just cos they're similar chord-wise. If muse can 're-invent' Screenager/ Darkshines for R+L then i'm sure they can make FAWY work. Hysteria/ TIRO/PIB/Uprising can rest for a bit.
  2. you know you're addicted to muse when you come home from an epic night out with your best mates and you whack on muse at glasto and can't help but be moved to tears by stockholm syndrome, streets have no name and PIB.
  3. R.I.P Bliss. let's hope not, but bloody hell that falsetto was just amazing. The whole gig was just too good. I am still speechless. All I can say is I really hope they do at least one or two concerts a tour that deviate from the 'standard setlist' like that (ie a throwback show with more OOS/Abso). Because I think last night showed that they can still play the old songs and really enjoy doing so and the crowd was definitely more responsive to Bliss and RbS than most sings off of TR!! So: one gig like that every tour (where they sort of give away beforehand that it's a gig for the older fans) and they can satisfy every LT muser's desire to hear the old stuff one last time....
  4. I see your post and I raise you Radiohead and Metallica... Muses's songs with their setlist variation = best live band ever. TBH there are 3 rarities here: how often do they play IBTY, NSC or SP? and its not over yet.... not bad; they could have played ice ice baby
  5. I have literally just finished re-reading 1984 and, if anything, there is only one song that can be solely 'inspired' by 1984 and that is Resistance. The whole thing is constructed around Part 2 and the first few chapters where Winston and Julia fall in love. That song is LOADED with references. The thing about Newspeak is really interesting. It's all part of O'Brien's bit at the end: we only know the world that exists in our minds, so if our mind's tell us that 2+2=5 then it does. The levitiation example is good as well. So if the Government both regulates and restricts the terms with which we can think, it controls how we think which, as O'Brien states, is part of the ultimate goal of the Party (to stay in power forever). THIS IS NOT REALLY MENTIONED IN THE RESISTANCE... if anything it is the musical antithesis of this as it has a really varied song range compared to other albums. USOE is the Grand Chessboard in a nutshell which is based on Mackinder's work in 1906, basically saying that if a nation were to control Eastern Europe it owns the heartland and the world island, Eurasia. BLAH. USA didn't want this, obviously, so set out to undermine the Heartland. It's Geopolitics 101. The bit about the heartland is briefly mentioned in 1984 in Goldstein's thesis, where there's that little bit of the world that everyone fights over. on another note, is anyone gonna lock this topic since it's just rehashing everything from last summer?
  6. For all you kentish Musers, the Jubilee line's closed from waterloo to green park. SO isntead of getting a train straight from London Bridge/ Waterloo to Wembley I'm being told to go up to King's Cross on the Northern Line (London Bridge) or Baker Street on the Bakerloo line (Waterloo). EPIC TFL FAIL!!! GGGRRR!! Metropolitan line platform on the way home will just be too packed This may well have been pointed out already, but I didn't see anyone posting this...Any Kentish Musers comng up by the way? need some company since i'm meeting my mates at the stadium. Don't really need an ipod of muse to be teasing me on the train...
  7. I think that The Resistance has aged worse than any other album by Muse. I can listen to Showbiz, OOS, Absolution and BHaR all day long: they are great albums and even after 3 years of listening to their albums incessantly I am never going to get tired of listening to them through to completion. YES EVEN EXO-POLITICS!!! The Resistance era started so well with the treasure hunt and USoE which, on first listen, I thought was a masterpiece. Then Uprising came and my first thought was "WTF they covered Hung Up a little bit". It's now my favourite track from the album: especially live, it's amazing. Even on Friday night at Teignmouth it sounded awesome. What we shouldn't lose sight of is that this is, even if Matt wouldn't admit it to Zane Lowe last year, mostly a concept album. It is a lyrical and musical statement about all of the themes of 1984 basically: love and fighting oppression from a corrupt and overbearing governmental machine. The problem is that I had just finished reading 1984 as the album came out. The two fitted together and I thought The Resistance would be a masterpiece. But one year on, if you were to ask me to listen to the album whole way through I'd have to skip tracks 3 and 5 and, on a bad day, probably EXO. It's a clunky end to the album and should really have been released separately: in my mind that album is 8 songs and the long-awaited symphony, not one whole album. The response from fans at Glastonbury is probably most indicative of how the GP took The Resistance. Those first four songs were amazing, then GL came on and everyone around me - apart from the one superfan in front of me who had flown from West coast USA to get to see Muse - was like WTF? I actually heard someone say "they have to put a few crap songs in the middle to make the ending seem epic" during UD. Ask me in another year, because I had a phase of BHaR hating about years ago and now it's on a par with Abso for me. Things go in and out of vogue: I may rediscover my love for TR, but at the moment I'm not a massive fan of it in comparison to Muse's back catalogue. It's still by far one of the best albums I've bought in the last few years; maybe that's a sad indictment of current music.
  8. HyperJamie

    Glastonbury 2010

    Saw the gig. Loved it. Met some amazing people (especially a little guy from LA who was just jumping like a madman for the whole set, big props to you if you are on the forums) and the crowd was so so up for it. People were chanting for UFOs, shame we didn't get it but meh, I can wait till Wembley. I'm going to defend Feeling Good: it was a perfect festival song, especially one where the only bad weather was the slightly higher cloud cover on sunday evening. And it got EVERYONE singing and dancing, stop dissing FG guys. However, I dont think Map, GL or UD did anything to further them as a band. There was a great opening, but after CE it sort of fizzled a bit, I think they could have had ACTUAL fireworks for GL instead of the fireworks graphic (that would have made it worthy of a place on the setlist). USOE seemed a bit lacklustre as well: it sounded really riotous at teignmouth and it just lacked here. Assassin/MK back-to-back or scattered into the inevitable slow bit would have made this the perfect gig I feel. The slow middle bit wasn't helped by the fact they seemed to stop for at least 2 mins after every song, then do a litle jam, then play. This is my only criticism of the performance: absolutely loved the rest of it
  9. Subways Lady Gaga Biffy perfection..... Kasabian were there last year, and the year before I think (probably not though, that was Foo Fighters year wasn't it). they were def there 2007 as well for the charity concerts at Wembley after Muse, so I think they might be getting bored of playing there now... probably. following coldplay's support last year (jay-z and girls aloud) a dance/pop artist like Gaga seems to be the trend. plus it'll keep us fanguys/girls happy. (but then they'd need dombread graphics on the screen during the concert....) whoever said 30 seconds/glasvegas.. well, they're not great bands so i'd be pretty annoyed if either if them played
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