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  1. THIS IS MY PLAN. Seriously, though, I'd make a frickin' awesome mod. To be honest, it wouldn't be hard, the previous moderators aren't exactly hard acts to follow...................
  2. I wont my naym chayngd 2 "i luv mattyb 99" cn u do tht 4 me? thnx Bliss mee. xxx

  3. What the HELL is a Hufflepuff?!?!
  4. You're such a cunt for leaving. Seriously. WHO AM I GOING TO BLAME FOR MY INFRACTIONS NOW, POPEY?! WHO?! :'( </3 Seriously, though. Thanks for all your shitty hard work in being a distinctly average, run of the mill moderator. I doubt I will talk to you ever again if I'm honest.
  5. lauren lopez<3



  6. ........were you one of us? Were you one of the many innocent public trying to get to Wembley, and had to suffer this: But with really really loud singing all the way from Kings Cross to Wembley...? I apologise, but it was bloody fucking hilarious.
  7. The tube journey to Wembley on the 11th. That is all.
  8. Hey, the boyface was saying something along the lines of you were possibly having a birthday/halloween thingy in London? No idea how reliable this is but I was hoping to have some sort of late birthday [Danny's b-day is 24th] early halloween [stupid halloween being on a sunday] muser meet in London?

  9. Wembley Update SHOWBIZ Sunburn x3 Muscle Museum x2 Showbiz Cave Unintended x3 ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY New Born x10 Bliss x7 Space Dementia x3 (Space Dementia Outro) x1 (Hyper Music Intro) x1 Plug In Baby x12 Citizen Erased x4 Microcuts Feeling Good x7 Megalomania ABSOLUTION Apocalypse Please x4 Time Is Running Out x11 Sing For Absolution x2 Stockholm Syndrome x12 Interlude x4 Hysteria x8 Blackout x3 Butterflies & Hurricanes x8 The Small Print Endlessly Thoughts Of A Dying Athiest Ruled By Secrecy x2 BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS Take A Bow x7 Starlight x8 Supermassive Black Hole x8 Map Of The Problematique x8 Soldier's Poem Invincible x6 Assassin City Of Delusion Hoodoo x2 Knights of Cydonia x8 THE RESISTANCE Uprising x4 Resistance x4 Undisclosed Desires x4 United States Of Eurasia x4 Guiding Light x4 Unnatural Selection x4 MK Ultra x2 Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture) x4 B-SIDES AND OTHER Forced In x3 Ashamed outro x3 Adgitated outro x2 Fury Piano Interlude x2 Osaka Jam (Drum and Bass) x3 Microphone Fiend x2 Maggie's Farm riff x3 Burning Bridges x2 Adagio in G Minor x2 (TOTF2006) (Wembley 11th 2010) Études Simples #6 (Sheffield) Close Encounters Riff x2 Man Of Mystery Whole Lotta Love Bombtrack riff Heartbreaker Riff Who Knows Who Riff x2 Head Up Riff x5 Jimmy Jam x5 Dead Star x2 Man With The Harmonica x6 Nishe x4 Helsinki Jam x3 War Within A Breath riff x4 Township Rebellion People of the Sun intro Back in Black outro MK Jam House Of The Rising Sun riff Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Endless Nameless riff
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