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    I'm a student learning how to analyse you. Oh, and if you want something like my facebook and livejournal, PM me. Same goes for my IM stuff.
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    Psychology student
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  1. Omg I honestly just came back a few days ago and was surprised to see all of the old people. OMG WHEN THE TAGS FIRST STARTED HOLY SHIT THAT WAS LIKE LAST YEAR.


    If you want, you can add my new MSN - it's blissxfury@hotmail. I'm heading to bed since I have to be up early tomorrow, but you can still add me and we can chat tomorrow. XD

  2. Haha, wow I was just looking through our old convos and the last time we talked was when the tags had just started! Damn, it's been so long!


    Ooh, nice. I've been good! Not been doing much other than school and hanging around this place, haha. Where are you usually at on here? Were we still PMTers the last time we talked? I don't remember. :LOL:

  3. ROFL NO WORRIES. When I saw your name I was like ZOMG.


    I've been pretty good, down in Virginia for school. XD What about you? How have you been?

  4. HOLY CRAP, NIKKI!!! (totally had to do some detective work there, lol. Didn't recognize you by your username)


    But wow. It's been forEVER. What're you up to?

  5. I remember you. We used to chat on MSN and stuff omg

  6. I'm going to be in NYC in January. :awesome:

  7. Hello there hope life is good.:musesign::musesign:

  8. 4 years?? Come on, nobody smart ever gets out in less than six :LOL: Thinking of going into psychiatry or something like that?

  9. :LOL: That's very true. Psychology and Sociology. I want to go to medical school so my goal is to get out in 4 years. :LOL:
  10. It's not a good bedside book, cuz it doesn't put you to sleep. Too intriguing. :LOL: So what are you studying?

  11. I'm all set up, too much homework though, so I haven't really had the chance to read anymore in the book. I skimmed it Monday night but otherwise haven't read anymore. :(

  12. It's a very good book. The Bible of Manics history, lol So are you well ensconced at college now? :D

  13. I actually didn't notice it that much tbh, but I'm not that far along yet in the book. I'm gonna continue reading tomorrow night when I'm all set up in my college dorm. :LOL:

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