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  1. err she's just in key largo atm, back next friday :)

  2. Wevs, I'm sure you're nice :)

  3. But then all the people I don't like a hell of a lot talk to me :supersad:

    I'm a nice person, really :LOL:

  4. Ok :p


    Well, you talk to them if you like them :p

  5. Well, I do minimize them to the dock so far... Meh, I can cope with this :p I just have to be a little more attentive sometimes now :LOL:

    Meh, Spaces? BLEUGH :phu::p


    I don't really see much point in talking to people that I've spent all day talking to... There's a few people I like talking to, but I don't really want to talk to some people :LOL: I'm such a snob :noey:

  6. Umm, well you could like, minimize them to the dock? That's basically the equivalent of the bottom bit on pc :) (I like, used to use pc :awesome:) - and you could use spaces as well, but I literally never use it :p


    Well if I'm having convos with heaps of people on facebook chat (which btw, is SO glitchy) I just pop into adium ;) Why don't you talk to your friends? :supersad:


    Oh, ok :)

  7. Oh, a question I do have though :unsure:


    I'm sick of managing all my windows, so far, the only thing I've learnt to try and slightly manage it is F9, but that won't work when I have heaps of MSN windows up :(

    Is there an easier why, like how they have all the windows on the bottom toolbar in Windows?

    Yes, wash my mouth out with soap, I used Mac and Windows in the same sentence :p

  8. :phu:


    I don't see why you'd use Adium for Facebook when you have a perfectly good internet browser :LOL: do you mean for Facebook chat? I don't use that anyway, I don't like talking to my friends from school :chuckle:

    Meh, I has fast internet anyway :D


    I will give you a yell :awesome: for now though, I need to learn what I do have, rather than continue to confuse myself :chuckle:

  9. Oh the unibody white one? I know NO ONE who has that :p

    Fair doos

    Thing for downloading games ;) googlage!


    I use msn because I can use smileys and stuff :happy: Adium for like...facebook

    It's basically word, yeah :)

    Well, okay :p Transmission is made FOR mac though - it's nice and speedy :)


    Well, yell when you need anything :awesome:

  10. Meh, don't use Twitter :p

    I HAS aMSN

    Does not have Steam, what's that?

    Don't use RSS

    You've said yes to adium AND aMSN :LOL:

    I'm assuming that's like Microsoft Office? Getting MicroOffic for Mac

    uTorrent :phu:


    OKAY :awesome: I highly doubt it, seeing I fail at composition :p

  11. Well, I was talking to Tegan anyway, and I wanted to tell you and Sam, the Mac users :p


    I got a brand new white one :happy: sure, it's so cliche, but who cares, I'm probably one of the first people in my town to ever get a Macbook :LOL:

  12. Oh, google chrome is fast but rapes your harddrive usage if you don't have much ram xD


    twhirl for twitter

    amsn for msn


    netnewswire for rss, or just use mail

    OM NOM NOM adium

    Neo office if you don't have iWork

    transmission for torrents


    and if you need anything for music creation just let me know! :awesome:

  13. OH! :awesome:

    olol I see you've message'd tegan and samuel too xD


    Which one? I have an oldy black one <33 still in good condish and does the job! :D x

  14. FIN, I HAS MY MAC :D:awesome:

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