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Y'know, by which I mean you get bored of a song or just don't listen to it, and suddenly it comes on and you listen to it, and you realise how great it is/was!


For me it's been:


The Small Print: Skipped it lots :(

Stockholm Syndrome: I got annoyed with the riff at the start, I thought it started things too slowly. Now I find the willpower to wait it out. :happy:

Apocalypse Please: Largely because of the 'Why does everyone bum Apocalypse Please?' thread.


You must have some! :)

I recently discovered the awesomeness of UNO. The thing aboute Muse is, that many songs "become" awesome in the long run. I think it´s because


1. the song is basically "perfectly clean" with all the correct composition procedures, the perfect combination of chords and a great melody. Simply "by the book".

2. Then, the same, perfect song is being a bit messed up with "disturbing influences" - and it´s made with presicion and purpose.

3. the result is that the listener (Muse fans are gifted listensers in general) gets a bit annoyed over the messy parts which leads to that he or she wants to correct them and hence he/she can´t get she song out of his / her head.

4. So, it becomes an itch and he or she will listen to it over and over until

5. a sudden revelation makes it clear that it is the messy part that makes you want to hear the song over and over. It turns into perfecction, keeping the song alive.


Am I correct or a total messy-head? / Nikki

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