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Yes but you don't seem to be grasping the reason that I created the thread. The taste just will not vacate my mouth, it just wont budge!


I can see the funny but seriously, my girlfriend wont even kiss me.


You're lucky it hasn't poisoned you. I don't understand what possessed you to be honest. If the taste seriously doesn't budge, see a doctor or a dentist asap

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it's a shame a certain female movie star isn't a member here, i'm sure they could give you tips on how to remove the salty taste of muse


OH my Kev :LOL::eek:


....and if this isn't a good enough reason for Muse to stop playing Guiding Light then I don't know what is.


hahaha :p

:LOL: you're killing me :LOL:


EdiT : Sweets usually work well to get tid of salty taste ... well, I'm really sorry man, but why would you even taste streamers:eek:

Edited by Izzy
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