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  1. I had a very similar defining moment at Reading, the second one last summer, so I understand exactly where you're coming from Pip. Since they've been hinting repeatedly at drawing a line under the OoS era, I can't help but let out a deep sigh of relief at finally being able to draw a line under them. It almost feels like I went to Reading to get some closure. It's been a good run. Edit: my first time in this thread and I just saw the tags... 'delete the rodent'... LOL!
  2. Happy New Year Liam! xx

  3. What makes this even better is that some of the media sources Niall quoted seem to be unaware that Mott Bollomy is a parody account. A fucking LOL!
  4. We've been in touch, even via the phone, and still nothing. They promise to send the details, and then don't. What's even worse, is that the tickets are not for me, they would have been going to two other Musers from the board. Right now, I don't have any words that don't start with f******, c******, s******* hell. I know. And I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.
  5. Hey guys, Thought you might want an update... It's Friday, the festival has already began, and I still haven't heard from Muse Management about where and how to pick up the Weekend Tickets. The last I heard was: "I will send you details of where they will be and how to collect them tomorrow." That was on Wednesday and I haven't heard from her since. Further PMs have gone unanswered. To say that I am livid would be an understatement. That's all. I just wanted to point out the amazing competency of Muse Management and let you know how things are really done behind the scenes. It'd help if someone, somewhere gave a shit.
  6. Thank you! It's definitely doable, the question is: will they bother putting in extra effort? I keep hoping (however naïvely) that since we have this competition in the first place, that maybe they are interested in doing something different after all.
  7. Thank you! If I win, both of the tickets will be given away to .mu members, since my own trip to Reading has already been planned long ago. I know my entry was neither clever nor tongue in cheek enough; if anything, it was rather serious/boring for the occasion. Still, by asking for a symphonic set at the ROH (with full Exo) I'm asking for an out-of-the-ordinary, intimate gig at a reasonably accessible location. And by mentioning Exo, I'm hoping to remind Muse/Management/Whoever The Fuck Will Listen that some of us are STILL waiting to hear Exogenesis II and III live. I can not understand the band’s reluctance to play a major part of the album they were touring to support. This was simply the only way I knew of suggesting something productive without sounding like a setlist-moaning twat (that I secretly am). I've already done my fair share of setlist moaning after LA Rising... I just want to say thanks to everyone who voted!
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